Introducing the new Turkish Virtual

Hello everyone i would like to share this promo video that i made for my special va!! Comment down below what you think of the video :)

Enjoy :)

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Good luck from Plane & Pilot Events.
Contact me if you want an event:-)


Good luck from British Airways Virtual!


Hey everyone I’m back and got this awesome video edited by me hope you like it.


Good luck from Southwest Virtual!

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Good luck from Velder Airways virtual!


Can I be routes manager

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Hi thanks for your interest please private message @ProMustafaTK on here or message me and we will have a chat.


Thomas Ralph
Cheif Operating Officer
Turkish Virtual Airlines

Lets chat he because private message dosent work for me.

I will pm you , I don’t want to talk public

I meant to say here …

Sorry everyone the website is down due to some problems and we are fixing it if you want to join please pm me.

Remember: widen your world and join Turkish Virtual Airlines today! Our website is currently under construction due to errors and will be back up and running soon. If you want to join us in the meantime please message myself or @ProMustafaTK to join.

Remember join us to widen your world and globally yours.

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And check out our latest promotion video below:

Thanks and please join if you like what you see!

Thomas - COO


Thank you for nearly 200 folowers on Instagram If you want to join just pm me or email and dont forget that our website is still down and we are working on new website

Turkish VA


Hi, I am part of Turkish Airlines VA and we are currently recurring pilots. We are scare in places and hope you consider would consider. We are fully prepared for global and we have now had are 280th instgram follower. The account is turkish_airlinesva. Contact us at
Saad Faisal,
Staff Member

Hello everyone we need to have good atc fast for events ect you can join us to ask me or @Thomas_Ralph and @ProMustafaTK
As you want to become atc you need to do a test

Already thanks
Rohaim head of atc

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Pm please @Thomas_Ralph or @ProMustafaTK

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Or email us at

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"Widen your world and globally yours"

- Turkish Virtual Airlines

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Hello Everyone and we now have a new website. The other one was down due to some problems with someone. I wanted to relese the website as soon as possible. This website is finished but we are improving it.

Widen your world

Turkish Virtual