Introducing the New TUI Virtual Experience!

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We are excited to announce our latest addition: Career Mode
You read that right! All our Award Rank pilots now have a brand new Career Mode unlocked for them.
Our Career Program is designed to mimic the career path of a real world (non-military) pilot from the very beginning of their career all the way through the ranks.

Dear All, it gives us great pleasure to announce an updated feature for you all. Please welcome our updated Career Mode for TUIVA. Join us to take off your career with the Tui Smile :)

Featuring Liveries ranging from the simple E190 to the mammoth A380, our Career Pilots would get to play with all the machines and master them.

Most other airlines may take this space to tell you how many aircraft they fly, or how many flights you can partake in, or liveries you can use. Most other airlines may also use this space to tell you how amazing they are, and how professional of a service they provide. Some may even focus on the logos painted on the side of their fuselage and try to persuade you to join just because they are a “legacy”. Other Virtual Airlines will try to use these statements to impress you, to draw you in to the name they display, or the number of flights they boast.

That is not us!

You see, here at the all new TUI ViRTUAL we can’t possibly give you the number of flights we fly, or the routes we share, because it’s just not possible. Here, at the new TUI ViRTUAL the experience you’ll face knows no bounds, and is limited only by our ability to pair real work events to our world. That’s right, we said world, because when you join TUI ViRTUAL you are transported into a whole new way to sim, and the most immersive experience possible.

Oh, and our planes are cool too!

Join us, and take part in something special, one smile at a time!

Among our team of aviators are a select few, who dared answer the call when the VA summoned their skills and help. Our Staff Team is an active and dedicated group of men and women who devote an amazing amount of time and energy into this VA. We can’t say are Staff are unlike those of any other VA, (as any VA Staff Member knows... it’s hard work and we all ‘suffer through it’), but... we can tell you that we are incredibly fortunate to have the people we have in place as a part of this team, helping guide us into the new TUI ViRTUAL World! Our Executive Team consists of a President, Executive Vice President, who oversee our Operations and Corporate Affairs VPs. Our VPs stand shoulder to shoulder with our execs as our Senior Staff members who run their individual divisions. Each sub-division is then overseen by managers, heads, and instructors!
Position IFC
Founder @Cloudrush
Board Member @Sudipto_B
President @vansh_purohit
VP - Internal Affairs @Tomjet073
VP - External Affairs @Zak_Plant
Human Resources Manager @khyden_bennett
Executive VP @TVANatalie471
Flight Logistics Manager @J2S
Routes Manager Hiring
Events Manager @John_Ryan1
Head - Flight School @MaxMann

We also are proud to begin a training day, each week, hosted by our Flight Instructor Staff where our VA will focus on training in a specific skill set.

There we said it, and I think we said too much! Join us, join our world, be a part of something special, one smile at a time!

In our world, there are no limits to the events you can fly, the routes you can share, and what need you’ll be filling for us. As the world’s largest charter airline, we pride ourselves on our unbeatable Charter Service Wing, Livery Services Section, VIP Transports, Contracts, and more. Need we go on!? There will never be a shortage of interesting things to do.

Welcome to our VA, and we hope that you can come join us. We trully have something special here, and we hope that you’ll join us and smile, one flight at a time! Our VA is a professionally run experience to which you’ll have an amazing opportunity to join us in. It really is a world we have created, and our pilots are able to experience an endless stream of creative and realistic flights and activities. The sky is the limit! Come join us! - Vansh_P [PRES]

Here at TUI ViRTUAL we don’t focus on what type of aircraft you are allowed to fly.. We focus on routes, experience and the overall feel of our world. In our world, there are no limits to what you can do and there are no limits to what type of aircraft we can use to accomplish our goals.

Our ranking system is easy to learn and as close to the real world as we can make it.

Starting off in our Charter Wing, you will work up from Probationary Pilot to First Officer after gaining some experience. Then you’ll build up to “Captain Eligible” status and work towards your Charter Captain License. Once you’ve been made a Charter Captain, you will begin to work towards earning the right to enter our Commercial Services Wing.

Once accepted into Commercial Services, you’ll start off as a Junior First Officer, then a First Officer. Hard work, great flying, and dedication to our VA will earn you the right to promote up to Commercial Captain, the highest rank a mainstream pilot can earn in our VA.

(Hey, a hint for you: when you check out our ranks, also check out the colors… each color represents a different section (White for training, silver for charter, gold for commercial and red for staff).

You know us, we aren’t the “show off type”, but we do think this is pretty important.. So we’ll share it with you!

What often goes unseen is the impact a simple pilot has on the community within the VA. Alot of times they aren’t a staff member, and go unnoticed in the background without any acknowledgement of appreciation for what they do. Here at TUI ViRTUAL, we don’t want you to ever feel forgotten or lost. We’ve developed a program within our VA to award our pilots for the things you do for our VA that we don’t want you to think we don’t notice!

For example: when you complete Student Pilot Training, you’ve worked hard to earn the right to call yourself a pilot in our VA. It’s not fair to you that we don’t commend you for your actions, and make you feel the love that you deserve from your brothers and sisters in our VA. So, when you earn your wings, you’ll earn your wings… the TUI Wings shared by all of our certified pilots… a true symbol of the perfection that can be, and the strive for it every day! There’s more awards just like this… we promise… but if we told you….we’d just be showing off!

We don’t ask for much, but we have to have some standards, right?

Our Standards
# Requirement
1. Be at least 14 years of age.
2. Be at least a Grade 3 on Infinite Flight Live.
3. Have at least 15 hours of flight time on Infinite Flight Live.
4. Have at least 25 landings on Infinite Flight Live.
5. Pass theTUI ViRTUAL Airline Pilot Acceptance Exam with a score of at least 80%.
6. Demonstrate a level of professionalism and knowledge in all aspects of aviation related to the virtual airline.
7. Have 0 ghosting in the last 60 days, and less than 2 in total.
8. Have a Landing/Violation Ratio less then .30%.
Rank Perks at TUI ViRTUAL
Rank Section Allowances
Student Pilot Program We don’t want our young student pilots to feel stuck, so there are options to fly aircraft at these levels, of course with some some restrictions.
Charter Services Wing The focus here is on Charter and Cargo Hauls. The pilots in this wing are the younger pilots, in terms of experience, and we want to make sure that only our most experienced pilots are able to fly our most precious commodity, our vCustomers. Don’t be afraid of this wing… trust us… you’ll fly!
Commercial Services Wing This is where our pilots will begin to shift some focus onto the haul of passengers to all the exotic destinations we have access to, all over the world!

Flying more then 1500 routes, you will never run out of fun here at TuiVA. Each time you fly with us, You Discover More And More.

Like we’ve said, the possibilities are endless here at TUI ViRTUAL, and so are the aircraft we fly. We currently operate sixty five (65)… yes 65!!.. aircraft in our routes, with much more coming.

Commercial Services Wing Aircraft
Aircraft Aircraft Tail Number Livery Style
B737-700 D-AHXJ TUI Fly
B737-800 G-TAWK Thomson Livery
B737-800 PH-TFB TUI
B737-800 OO-JAU TUI
B737-800 D-AHFA TUI Fly
B757-200 G-OCBG Thomson
Flight School Aircraft
Aircraft Aircraft Tail Number Livery Style
TBM-930 N930FD Navy Blue
Cessna 172 N405ER Embry-Riddle Aviation School
B747-200 N57EAA EAA 50th
B737-900 HZ-ATR BBJ3
Codeshare Aircraft
Aircraft Aircraft Tail Number Livery Style
B787-8 N780AV Avianca
A320-200 N562AV Avianca
A318-200 N594EL Avianca
A321-200 A6-AED Etihad
A380-800 A6-APA Etihad
B777-200ER A6-ETA Etihad
A340-200 A6-EHJ Etihad F1
A380-800 HS-MAR Thai
B787-8 B-7877 Thai
B777-200ER HS-TJV Thai
747-400 GS-TGB Thai
A350-900 HS-THB Thai
A340-600 HS-TEN Thai
A330-300 HS-TEN Thai
B777-200F OO-TSC TNT
MD - 11F N382WA World Airways
B777-200ER PK - GIA Garuda Indonesia
B737-800 PK - GMR Garuda Indonesia
A330-300 PK - GPA Garuda Indonesia
CRJ-1000 PK - GRE Garuda Indonesia
MD-11 PK - GIJ Garuda Indonesia
CRJ-1000 PK - GRA Garuda Indonesia - Skyteam
A319-100 OO-SSD Brussels Airlines

You’d love to know wouldn’t you!? We have another 35 aircraft that we haven’t listed, plus an entire cargo section!

CodeShare Routes!!!
We have codeshares with: Avianca, Garuda, Norweigen, Brussels, Etihad, Thai, Wizz and Japan Airlines! We also have other exciting negotiations in the works, adding to the already amazing route program in our VA.

TUI ViRTUAL Codeshare Details

We use an app called Slack to communicate. We expect all members of the VA to use it professionally and follow all rules.

So what are you waiting for?

All you have to do is fill out this form CLICK HERE TO APPLY

We’d be delighted to have you join
Join Us | IFVARB | Website | Instagram


TUI Virtual airlines is no way affiliated with the real airline. To book real flights, please visit the official Tui Website.
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Are you a VA looking to codeshare? We may be interested! Click here to start the negotiation process!


Really nice thread, can’t wait to see you guys in the IF skies


Thankyou! We’re really excited about our new paintjob… hope to see you in the skies!


I just applied for Route Manager :)


Hey, reached out a few times @BennyBoy! Get back to us when you are able.

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Nice thread! And a nice fleet. I just flew to Los Cabos from London-Gatwick with a TUI 788 the other day. Good luck!


Thank you @AliAlex!!! If you love the livery, come apply! See you in the sky’s!


Thanks! I’m the VP of AMVA and recently joined AVVA so I have enough on my plate for now, but maybe in the future =D

Happy flying!

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Of course! Wonderful VAs! Hope to see you in the skies and be safe out there :-)

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It’s an honour and privilege to be a pilot at this wonderful VA


We love having you as a part of our VA!

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TUIV Flight School Tour!!!

Ladies and Gents our Chief Pilot / Director of Training, along with her amazing Flight School Staff have prepared the most amazing training flight this evening to kick off our

#TUIVFStour !!!

This week we are flying from exotic TNCM to Iconic EHAM in one of our 777 training aircraft.

Where will our tour depart next?

  • Europe and UK!
  • The amazing continent of Africa!
  • The US and Canada!
  • The beautiful Caribbean!
  • Central or South America!!
  • Luxurious Abu Dubai!
  • Wonderful India!
  • Spacious Oceana!
  • The Incredible East Asia!

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As always, we’re looking for amazing pilots to join us here at TUIV. Reach out to us for details and links!!! TUIV where we want you to take part in something special, one smile at a time!**


I’m so glad I joined an amazing VA.


Hi guys, I was trying to check out your website but it seems when i click it nothing’s happening.

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@TuiVirtual any response?

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hey @kritika we have seen your response and edited the thread you must now be able to see it if not let us know and i will dm the link to u

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Awesome, love this VA :)


TUI ViRTUAL takes to the skies with our new partner Wizz Virtual!!!
TUI ViRTUAL, along with our newest partner Wizz Virtual, celebrated our new relationship with an amazing flyout today.
Thankyou to @Jeno_Farkas, @Zak_Plant and @WizzAirVirtual for an amazing flight! We look forward to many more in our future!!


One of my favourite airline is TUI airways …when I heard about VA one of firsts thing I looked for was TUI …
Flying to busiest airport maybe cool but flying to beautiful scenic approaches like Corfu , Iraklion, Tenerife , Maderia Portugal , Palma de Mallorca , Norway , Cancun Mexico , Bridgetown , sint MARTEEN , Costa Rica , Bangkok , India’s party capital GOA , Gods own country Cochin(Kerala)
Bangkok Thailand, and much more…
Also fabulous staff team and president…
Get apply and roll on… !!!


Amazing thread, guys. Wish you all the best