Introducing the new JAL Virtual.

  • This VA will be really popular
  • This VA will crash and burn like the other ones

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Would you like to become part of JAL Virtual? Sign up at the website please

I’m thinking about it

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I’ll think about it

JAL 787 10/10 best plane ever

After a hiatus, JAL Virtual is up and running again! New Applications will now be reviewed.

Please consider joining our family. It would mean a lot to a small VA such as ours.

Do you need live?

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Would be preferred. But not necessary.

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Venture Airways here my new VA requesting a partnership current partners:

Air Austral Virtual
Big Bear Airlines
Asiana IFVA

We are considering forming an alliance but will most likely just be partners.

Thanks, Plane 6

CEO of Venture Airways Cat 3 pilot, and CEO of Venture Travel Group

p.s. please view my website, I hope to be partners with your airline one day. Thanks, from Plane 6…

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OK partnership will be made:)

Sounds good @Delta747 good luck by the way

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Good luck from Boeing VA


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