Introducing the NEW International Cargo Group

Hello community:

We are proud to announce that Big Bear Virtual Airlines has merged with International Cargo Group. With this merger, we have expanded out fleet to include Big Bear’s fleet as well as there routes. Pilot can know fly for both airlines under the same promotions that International Cargo used. Special thanks to @GolferRyan and @Pilotmaster2129 for making this merger possible. To join the “NEW” International Cargo Group, click here. To check out our routes, click here.


CEO: Dillon Greene @N1DG
COO: Ryan Greene @N1RG
President/Book-keeper: Roy Pratt @Roy_Pratt
Flight Dispatcher: Patrick Barton @Captain_Patrick
European Supervisor: Alexander Pehrman @Alexander_Pehrman



Nice website! Don’t mean to be a nag and such but using words such as “wanna”, etc. on the website seems kind of, not unprofessional but, odd. Just thought I’d put my two cents in, no need to change anything tho ;)

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Where is that? @Kevin

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Via the routes page :)
Also, fly’s is the incorrect terminology, flies is correct
That’s all I’ll nag about, have a good one!
-k :)

K thanks. Try building your own website and see how many mistakes you make.That is all.
K. Thanks. Bye. ;)

why we getting criticized everytime we post something. smh

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Just adding something: The Big Bear Staff has joined and is part of the ICG staff now.


He was just giving you some insightful feedback to help further project yourselves as a worthy Virtual Airline, no need for the subtle hostilities.

You should instead be happy that he caught those mistakes, and not someone who would make a huge show out of spelling and grammatical errors as seen on your website.


Thank you very much. I appreciate it more than you think. Those were my only intentions,to help, we talked about it in DM and apparently “wanna” is correct in Arkansas ;)


haha you obviously didnt understand his humor at the end. lol. im sure he was happy. its always a good eye out that someone pointed it out. but lets get back on topic here

If there was humor at the end, you are correct in me not understanding it. It’s hard to interpret words through a monotonous form of communication, my apologies if I created any tensions.

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all good but yah its humor. hence the smiley face at the end.

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Congrats on the annexation of Big Bear, and to all of the staff at Big Bear certainly not me, not even asked that took this decision.

Lol you must be new here. Mark “SkyHawk Heavy” Denton says that.

Very nice, best of luck in the future :)

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