Introducing the new Infinite Checklist - (Android Only)

#Introducing the new Infinite Checklist!

Over the past few weeks we have decided to make a third-party companion app for Infinite Flight to enable your experience to be even better.

We have established a team of Developers and Alpha/Beta testers to help make this app possible. Our developers are as follows: Myself, @J9J9T and @Dez. We also have a small team of Alpha/Beta testers: @mrpidgeon, @Joost3008 @rohaim_khedr hedr and @samuel_aseem. All of them have helped by testing the app and giving feedback on the development of the app.

This app so far has undergone a large Alpha testing phase, however we wanted to push a public release to the community as we wanted to get this app out ASAP to get community feedback on areas and what we can add/improve on. We hope you leave feedback via PM to either myself, @J9J9T or @Dez (add us all to the PM)

Please give constructive criticism via PM and leave a review

This app is also a proud partner of J9J9T on YouTube, the aim of this is to gain more publicity for the app and gain more reviews and improvements.

#So what is the app?

This app is a new third-party checklist app for Infinite Flight, it allows users to select from a variety of checklist such as: Pre-Taxi, Pre-Takeoff, Approach and Landing. To make your experience better. There is also a voice which plays when you tick the different options for that added bonus ;) Enjoy!

Please note we will be adding more features and hopefully more individualised checklist’s in future updates, we are also working on a better and more stylish UI, however this is the best we can do right now because we need others opinions combined with those of our internal Alpha and Beta teams

How much does it cost?
At the moment the app is currently available for Free

Where can i download?

You can download the app in the Google Play store from the link below:

We have no intentions of making an IOS app at this stage :(

Promo Video:


Isn’t there already a checklist app?


We believe this one is easy to use, more stylish and with voice commands, but we are looking to improve it even more by adding new features and hopefully getting it connect to the API.


The idea is great! Voice Commands!
Can you hear the voice commands in the app?

Yes you can hear them.


I appreciate the word and effort - voice commands is a very cool feature. However, the UI or User Interface could use some improvement - and thats only judging by the google play screenshots on the apps page. Take your time and aim for elegance and not trying to cram everything in.


Thank you for your feedback, the main reason why we have pushed it out so early is to seek what people’s opinions are.

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You should make one for ios :)


The thing is the app store is a yearly cost and unfortunately we do not have this option just yet. This is something we will look into in the future.




You really need to work on the UI. Might want to raise the minimum android version so you dont get the old UI components…

Also there already are 2 checklists apps for IF, android…
update there actually are about 5 checklist apps…


I don’t think we need yet another one. There must be like 5 of them now:-/


Ours will be more unique in many different ways with what we have planned for the future.


Oh really. Thats exciting, whats coming ?

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At this time we want to keep that in the development team ;)

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Indeed we do. We have big plans.

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#Beta Testing!

We have decided based on some of your feedback to open up community beta testing. As a beta tester you will gain access to pre-releases of the app. We are improving our app dramatically and need some beta as well as Alpha testers. We only need another 3 beta testers. Submit your application through the google form below and we will get back to the successful applicants soon!

Remember you must be an Android user.


Fantastic. I ll help you

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The app is nice, but graphics aren’t fantastic and you maybe add climb/descent checklists. However very nice companion!

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Good to know…it finally came on Android…Will use it for sure