Introducing, The (New and Improved) IFSIM ATC Network

9pm eastern

Then you can forget it.

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This isn’t a VA

Keith know’s what he is doing. Lets leave him to do his thing.

lol that’s him. I have two real world controllers in IFVATC and they say it’s legit as well as two real world pilots

Hardcore. Just because they know their things doesn’t mean you can ramble about advertising and bragging that you have absolute pro’s. Infinite Flight is a community. We don’t brag about ‘‘Oh well I have the 39.99 subscription’’ or ‘‘Oh I’m better than you because I have this plane!’’ calm down. Stop muttering about and get on with your life.

Realistic isn’t hardcore…

In a way it is.

Knowing them they would be real strict.

Please explain how

Well everyone of course has seen pilots in the cockpit. Videos on YouTube smothered around the place. Landings - Not Easy
Impromptu - They expect you right away.
Responses - Quick and realistic.
To be honest depends who’s on. If it’s some strict git then I wan’t nothing with it.

Please stop talking about something you aren’t informed about. I am a controller for IFVATC and my trainers and fellow controllers are very approachable and friendly. If someone doesn’t know what to say we help them, and we don’t require you to be perfect as we are all human and we even offer pilot training.

Okay. If you say so. Anyways what is the discord chat or whatever in blithering hecks they use? I’ll try it out. See what happens. I’ll give you my review of it soon enough.

#######head of pilot ops at IFVATC

I’ll pm you I would want to infringe on this post by puting a link on it

We use discord so

Go on. Slide into those DM’s.

Well see he says he’s in a pilot cadet for some airline yet when asked to show proof he doesn’t. Yet IFVATC is ran by a professional crew of real world pilots and air traffic controllers.

Were unfriendly? You advertise that you are like VATSIM where they will kick you if you mess up a couple of times mistakes. At IFVATC we offer a realistic and user friendly experience.

IFVATC is kind of dead right now…