Introducing, The (New and Improved) IFSIM ATC Network

Introducing, the IFSIM Network.

IFSIM is a verbal ATC network familiar to VATSIM. We use the Casual Server and communicate using Discord.

Some of you may have heard about this network before. We were a thing a few months ago and turned out to be very successful with around 100 members after 2 months. We had to shut down due to some drama but now we are opening up again.

The Discord group:

Visit our website:

Our Email:



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lol. theres already a IFSIM netwrok ran by @N1RG Thanks though.

Surely first person to do it gets ownership. And Keith already had it like ages ago.

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Actually, I owned the original IFSIM which was a thing before IFVATC, so I have rights to restart this.

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considering your threads last message was almost two months ago and Keith has original rights he should be able to restart it


Welcome Back Keith


Not true, no one has any “rights” as there are almost no official (FDS) regulations on this if any at all.

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Just saying IFVATC is way more advance and realistic


The groups coming back if only benedict hadn’t gone rogue

Phenomenal. I’m joining in!

This is similar to the time American Airlines went inactive and a new one was created and when the old one came back they merged. Maybe merge…

Wait is the verbal ATC active most of the time?

Merger is NOT gonna happen. If you want quality sever with real world procedures, join IFVATC

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Yes at IFVATC we are active all the time. I am controlling tonight around 9est. Come join

I don’t think you are allowed to advertise on other VA ads…

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9 Eastern probs def won’t make it.

Lol too late for you? It’s 8CST

You talking 9PM Est? Or 9 AM Est

Also the worlds most confusing place to be. You want a friendly environment and IFVATC is full of die hard aviators that know it all.