Introducing the Infinite Flight Virtual Magazine

Hello everyone
I like to announce the creation of the IFVM (Infinite Flight Virtual Magazine) to cover every big news story in IF. Each edition comes when a large thing happens on IF. If you have any news story, tell us on our website


Cool, When is the first one going to come out?

Could you do a special one to begin with showing how infinite flight is at the moment and where it has come from?


The first edition is going to be released in around a week


AsianaIFVA is officially the co-owner of IFVM. (I’m sorry for telling this at a very late time. I was both suspended and had a LOT of work)

@Parsa… MaxAsk’s: “Suspended”! What For?

False copy right claims proably 😒


No. Suspended for “not adhering to the forum rules”. I didn’t break any rules on will but mods get the final say.

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May I join? Always wanted to do this sorta thing

Yes. What place do you want to be? We really are looking for a writer.

Good luck with this. I’ve tried this is the past, and it didn’t last as long as a would have wanted it to.

That was our old site. Still has some of our old copies on the Blog page

Sounds good, looking forward to it.

@Parsa… Welcome to the club. MaxSez

Good luck!! IFPM will also be covering the major events!

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