Introducing the Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines Administrative Board (IFVAAB)

Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines Administrative Board (IFVAAB).

Mission Statement: To make you happy is our main priority.

The goals of the IVAAB is to help virtual airlines find staff members for struggling VAs

Giving counsel to staff members to make their VA standout in front of all the others.

Help with IFVARB certification with airlines who have been denied.

Form an alliance with other VAS to share ideas and techniques to make a proffesional VA.

Grade and Score VAs based on certain criteria set forth by the administration.

Deal with certain problems and have a jury of well respected community members to determine the outcome of the situation.

How we got started: IFVAAB was founded on October 3rd,2017 by the CEO of International Cargo Group Dillon Greene (N1DG) for struggling virtual airlines who have yet to see their virtual airline takeoff. Being a virtual airline owner himself, he saw many times VAs with great potential fail too due to the lack of enthusiasm, staff, marketing and inactive pilots. Being a VA owner takes dedication and enthusiasm to be one of the great virtual airlines in Infinite Flight. Together with his knowledge in aviation, he and his staff can help you become the next biggest virtual airline in Infinite Flight.

Positions: Administrative Staff, Board of Trustees, Website Builder/Graphic Designer, Airline Representatives.

Chain of Command:

Administrative Staff- in charge of all executive decisions regarding the IFVAAB.

Board of Trustees: in charge of being the jury for VA problems, in charge of scoring VAs.

Website Builder/Graphic Designer: In charge of building virtual airlines websites and logos

Airline Representatives: Members of IFVAAB that the board of trustees appoint to report back to the Board of Trustees.

1.Administrative Staff
2.Board of Trustees
3.Airline Representatives


This topic should really be in #live:va.

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Looks very nice! Best of luck to you!


My bad.😬. Feel free to move it

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Great work! This will defenitley help with everything.


This looks great! Hope this helps the struggling VA’s.
Most of them deserve more activity.

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I would like to congratulate @Rowdy_Kepler as our new website designer


You should put the word ‘Virtual’ in your thread title, otherwise, the ‘V’ in IFVAAB is pointless. This is similar for other abbreviations in your thread…


“The goals of the IVAAB is to help virtual airlines find staff members for struggling VAs”


Thanks will put that


Great idea! This will be handy when global flight comes out!


This is an awesome idea. Great work! 👍🏻

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Thanks. Appreciate it

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Looks good, but not gonna lie - your acronym is only one letter off from IFVARB, and at first I was kind of confused. Best of luck anyway!


Thanks. Appreciate the feedback

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Im sorry but I really do not think this is needed. If a VA is not approved by the IFVARB they should have a given reason why. The positions you listed should be positions in the VA regardless of certification by the IFVARB or not.

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I think this is a great idea. Hopefully we see more diversity in the VA community!


Do we seriously need to shut down every new idea just because we already have another organization? IFVARB Approves and regulates VA’s, This group helps them.


I’m sorrry I can’t please everyone in the community and that you feel that this isn’t necessarily. We help Vas not regulate them


So what’s the point of this?

Read! It’s to help VA’s that don’t have alot of members to get members.

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