Introducing the Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board

##Introducing the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board##

The IFVARB’s goal is to enhance the VA sector of the community.

Our System
The proposals set out below are intended to make VA’s more professional, organised, and in line with the guidelines and standards of the community. In addition, these measures should help to clear up some of the clutter on the forum that certain members find inconvenient and irritating, whilst making making the presence of Virtual Airlines clearer, more beneficial, and less confusing for all those that don’t. Moreover, these guidelines should improve behaviour of pilots associated with VA’s on Live. That being said, it isn’t all bad - Professional VA’s that truly bring something to the community will be given more freedom and flexibility if they require it.

All VA’s operating here on the Infinite Flight Community must be approved. Uncertified Virtual Airlines are not permitted to have a presence on this forum, whether that be promoting, advertising, or creating events for their VA.

All new Virtual Airlines will have to go through the certification process, and existing ones will also, in due course.

###For existing VAs###
You will not have to follow these below steps. We will take the initiative and start the vetting process by using the existing VA database. We will contact you if we need something:)

The certification process
(for new VA’s)

Step 1: Virtual Airline CEO’s will make direct contact with IFVARB (@Ben_Schenk and @NEO). We will verify that we believe the person to be suitable to manage a Virtual Airline. Please note, you must be TL2 to form a VA on this forum.

Step 2: Virtual Airline CEO’s will then create the VA, and then present it to us for inspection. Please be aware that VA’s that lack several of the questioned features below, such as a logo, a website, and established routes/fleets, are unlikely to be accepted.

After analysis of this, it will then be decided whether a Virtual Airline is ready to proceed to the third stage, or not.

Step 3 (For All VA’s): The proposed VA will be assigned three board members, who will all individually assess the VA. With that being said, we will apply a best fit approach to certification if certain situations require it.

We will look at many aspects, including but not limited to the following;

⁃ Level of presentation and quality in their logo/website
⁃ Level of organisation, including the professionalism of staff and pilots
⁃ Quality and frequency of events

  • Amount of thought and effort put into their company
    ⁃ Any extra facilities or features that a virtual airline offers its pilots and/or the community

This will be done by…
Checking out a Virtual Airlines Website
Researching previous posts, and events, made by the airline.

After Assessment
If VA’s are successful in their application, then after having been informed of this, they will be permitted to actively operate on the IFC. If they are not, then they may re-apply after one month, having acted on the feedback they will have been given. Whilst IFVARB comes into full force, all Virtual Airlines will be permitted to operate on these forums as they do now, until all VA’s that wish to be certified have been through the process. This means that existing airlines that fail the certification process will likely have adequate time to re-apply before having to cease operations. If they haven’t applied to try again in the last two weeks, they will be deemed inactive, and they can be built again.

What if we’re not an "Airline?"
Please note that even if a group does not identify as a Virtual Airline, but reguarly posts and is active in the VA category, then they will also need to be certified at some point.

What about the existing database?
A new VA Database topic will be posted, and will list all current certified VA’s, for the viewing of potential future members and pilots.

Positions at VAs
A user is only allowed to be a CEO at one VA, including a subsidiary. If you already are a CEO at multiple VA’s, please give one position to another user, or shut one down.
In addition, a single user may only hold staff positions at 4 Virtual Airlines including their own. More minor roles will tend not be counted as a staff position.
You are allowed to be a pilot at as many VA’s as you like.

Subsidiaries & Alliances
Subsidiaries will have to go through the same process as the original Virtual Airline, to gain certification. An airline must have a minimum of 10 pilots to launch a subsidiary, and then 20 to launch another. A VA can only have a maximum of 2 subsidiaries
The same will apply to Virtual Airline Alliances, who must also go through the same certification process, and have a minimum of 5 airlines. A Virtual Airline may be a member of only one Virtual Airline Alliance.

Duplicate Airlines
New duplicate airlines will no longer be permitted, however existing ones may remain operational. IFVARB will make sure that opportunities are provided to those who wish to play a big part in a certain airline, on a case by case basis.

VA Privileges and Responsibilities
Airlines that have been approved will be permitted to:
Have a main thread- This will be the thread in which you launch and announce your Virtual Airline. It will include general announcements, and staff recruitment posts.
Create and post as many events as they wish to, but if VA’s repeatedly fail to do this in the correct format, then restrictions may be put in place.
Extra threads shouldn’t really be needed, but if they absolutely are, then please contact IFVARB directly for permission prior to posting.

Virtual Airlines will also be seen as responsible for the behaviour of their pilots in Live. Whilst there will always be some bad apples, shall there be severe and consistent issues of inappropriate/offensive and disruptive behaviour by a large number of pilots in a VA, then they shall be held accountable, particuarly on the Expert (and Training) server.

VA List and Statuses

I have been getting a lot of replies asking for when their VA will be graded. We are starting very soon, from alphabetical order. You can check the status of your VA on the following list:

States are as follows:

  • Ungraded: We haven’t reached you yet, be patient
  • Official: You have been graded as official
  • Unofficial: You have been graded as unofficial, you have two weeks to improve or you’ll be forced to close down.
  • Construction: The VA is under construction, it cannot be created again.
  • Inactive: The VA has been forced to closed down, and it can be remade.

Please let me know if you aren’t on there.

Ownership Disputes
Issues regarding “ownership” of a virtual airline, if any, should be brought directly to IFVARB. Arguing about this publicly will absolutely not be tolerated. If you aren’t capable of having the maturity and common sense to make a simple, civil enquiry via PM to those concerned and IFVARB, then you won’t be seen as fit to run a virtual airline. This is the first and only warning.

Please note that this, and the rules mentioned above regarding Virtual Airlines and how they post in the VA category is in taking effect immediately.

Professional VA’s that truly bring something to, and benefit the community will be given any extra support or freedom that they want or need, within reason of course.

Bottom Line
Yes, we know this isn’t great news for some VA’s. Yes, we understand some people may not like that their VA may not be able to do what they want it to do, because they aren’t approved yet. But, it’s all for a good reason. We want the VA community to be the best it could possibly be. If these requirements are seen as harsh or unnecessary by some, then running a virtual airline isn’t for you. A VA should be a professionally run project that benefits the community and provides well for its pilots, which takes time, effort, and commitment. So, although this may come as a rude shock for some, over time we hope this will revolutionize the VA Community!

Head Of IFVARB : @Ben_Schenk
Administrators: @NEO, @JoshFly8
Moderators: @THE-OP @Leodhasach
Board Members: @Wren_Jago, @Bluepanda900 @Tristin_Woolf @golden.spotter @AtomicHerbster4

Feel free to leave any general comments, or feedback below.

The IFVARB Team.


Brilliant! British Airways Virtual will definitely be participating in this,I shall alert the relevant departments to contact you to start the procedure…

Thanks 👍🏼


This sounds a great idea. British Airways Virtual Airline here, we are currently on the database but reading your post you still wish for us to make contact. No problem, I will ask my Deputy @Joshua_Fleming to oblige as soon as possible.

President and Owner of British Airways Virtual Airline.


Although we commend your enthusiasm, I would like to highlight that this is not a choice. Everyone will be participating in this. Recently I have noticed a decline in the category and this is needed. We’ll see how it goes and will amend it if necessary. My full support is given to enforce this.


We understand it’s compulsory but the enthusiasm is still there! We are making contact now.


Just to reiterate, you don’t need to make contact. They will initiate contact if needed as said in the post:)


Ah. So already being established. Do we need to do anything? Naturally I’m keen we are registered :)


No, if you are already on the database you don’t need to do anything.


You will be in due course, don’t concern yourself with it for the time being.


Brilliant, cheers guys!


I look forward to helping make VA subforum great again.


i understand where this is going. i agree that the va need to be regulated but how was the board members and everything else chosen?


Members of the community deemed suitable for the role were invited @N1DG


interesting. maybe looking at ones profile to determine whos deemed full then an interview process instead of picking just the ones a person thought. there are plenty of qualified people on the forum for that

Those that were picked, were picked for a reason. We may switch things up or add new members if need be. If you have any specific concerns, feel free to PM me.


sure. ill do it know

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So this is to ensure the quality of the upcoming VAs? Well planned, hope this works.


Indeed it is, thanks for the support Bruno!


I think this is brilliant, no more VA’s that last for a day or two and then just disappear, we needed some authority for VA’s and now we have it, well done @NEO @Ben_Schenk


Don’t take this as official word of the IFVARB, but with Global coming a completely new way of doing things is just what we need to keep organization and professionalism a top priority with the endless possibilities that will be presented to us in the future.