Introducing the Infinite Flight Olympics!

UPDATE 12-26-15
I got some great feedback from you guys, sound like the opening ceremony was good! (I couldn’t make it) we have some great stuff in store, stuff you wouldn’t see coming in a million years! 😄 The server will be up and running soon, we got confirmation from Matt! So PLEASE for our sake and yours, do NOT change your display name until we tell you. We already have about 30 people who didn’t listen to our instructions and did change it. Now we have to go find each person and have them change it…ugh. In the end it will be worth it!

Just to make it clear, the opening ceremony was NOT worth any points. The first scored event will be held this coming weekend. The official post will be out tomorrow…I’m up to late as it is 😜. Please send your feedback to me, and any ideas you may have for events! For those who haven’t seen, we have a website where the official standings will be. Be sure to check out all of the pages! Thanks @IceBlue for doing such an awesome job with this! Yes, you can see the names of the judges…if we catch wind of any bribing or anything like that you will be PERMANENTLY banned from competing in further Olympics, and this one (of course).


Thanks you all once again for your continued support of the Infinite flight Olympics! We have formally established the IFOC or Infinite Flight Olympic Committee. We will be adding members, and other positions as time goes on. See the “staff” page on the website for more info.

We will announce events on a week to week basis, it adds to the suspense of what could be next. It also helps you to not focus all your practice time on one event, then forget about the rest!

One last time, if you have questions feel free to message myself, or @Carson

Thank you,
Thomas Galvin
President of the IFOC

UPDATE 12-15-15
We will allow any amount of people per team in events! This follows a change, instead of adding points we are averaging. Certain events may have restrictions for amounts though, team leaders keep an eye out.
The host region will be the beloved SoCal
Host airport is KLAX
USA led by @Matt_B will be the host country

Also recruitment ends soon. It is not too late to join a team.
More information to come later

UPDATE 12-12-15

Okay, so we get some special arrangements for the Olympics! A new server will be created, just for us but it’s by invitation only! This will be a no violation server. No ghosting, only pilot reporting, (three reports equal a ghost though) and will be ATC capable. This server will be solely for the use of the Olympics! All events will be held on this. Now when I say invitation, I mean invitation. We will send you a Google form, you fill it out, and you are able to access the server. It goes through some system on matts end…not sure how anything works lol. But this COMPLETELY eliminates nimrods, and only allows the people we want in! So of course that means all the countries and teams, and people we know who will not troll the server. We can still report people. This is some fantastic news and I am so happy people enjoy this event! Also, we will have an opening ceremony before the first event. On the 26…more info to come. It will be a great ceremony being planned by @Carson and @JDE1303!

UPDATE 12-11-15

Few things: Thanks to Mr. @Mark_Denton we now have our awesome medals! They will be given out to the first, second, and third place of each event. We may have one big medal for the winning country at the end as well.

And to get you all more into the Olympic mood, go listen to “Buglers Dream” on YouTube…just do it.

Everything is looking great heading into the end of recruiting in exactly a week. Yes team leaders, next Thursday is your last day to recruit!

Thanks to @Carson I am greatly LESS stressed out, lol. Thanks Carson!

Finally: I want your opinions, time zone planning is a difficult thing. Would you guys prefer to have two seperate events, for the same main event, so we can have all the time zones in? Or just one event, and make it if you can? We will try to change the times each week so we can get more time zones in. OR, we could have 10 events. 5 for teams on one half of the world, 5 for the other…do you guys like these? If so, which one do you think is best! Comment your ideas or opinions below!


UPDATE 12-9-15
Hello again, Thomas here and with some new info you all may like.

  1. We have 11 countries registered at the time of this edit! How awesome is that?

  2. Medals- I am trying to get somebody to help create digital medals…updates on this later

  3. Recruiting is open until December 17, 2015. At that point you have until December 27 to train for the first event (the event will be announced on the 17th or 18th) then December 28, 2015 will be our first event! Times and other specifics will come closer to the date.

  4. Some more info I can’t remember

  5. A simple website is being made, all it will have is the current standings.

  6. I love the enthusiasm guys! Keep it up!

Edit: Hello everybody and thanks for your awesome support towards this idea! As of now, I have requests to be judge way over the seven that will be allowed. I am considering extending it to 9 or even 11 judges. More on that in the future. We ARE NOT announcing the names of people who are judging, we don’t want any bribing to happen :). We hardly have any cemented in information yet, but somethings we are thinking about (we, as in judges and myself) are:

  1. There will be a LARGE amount of events, around 13+. We are not announcing what the events are yet, although we will give you ample time to practice. We will say TWO events we will have 1. Landing competition (you guys could have guessed that) and 2…wait for it…a screenshot competition! We will announce specific rules for each event closer to the event time.

  2. We are hoping to make this an annual event, so cool new stuff will be added each year!

  3. TRYOUTS…each country MAY hold their own tryout, the Olympic committee will not be holding the try out.

  4. Each country needs to apply for the event, every country can apply for every event, but we understand something could come up. See scoring below.

  5. Scoring: Each player for each country participating in a event is give a score out of 10. 10 being the best 1 being the worst. Let’s say Steve here lands great during the competition, we give him a 8.5. He and his other teammates from the country of steveworld do poorly. They get a 6, 6.9, and a 4. All these scores are added together for one big score of 25.9. So now steveland has a 25.9 in the official rankings. Each event will be based on this, unless specified (a few exceptions). at the end of all the events, all the scores will be compared, and the country with the most points win! If you apply for an event YOU MUST compete! (Opinions on this please guys) if you do not apply you will not lose any points nor gain any. Your score will stay the same.

  6. Only a certain amount of people per country can participate in an event. No limit of number of countries, but limit of people.

  7. Medals! We will try and create 4 digital medals for 1st 2nd and 3rd of each event, the winner can use this as a profile pic or whatever you wish. One BIG medal will be given to the overall winning country at the end of the tournament.

  8. Each country is REQUIRED to fly with the livery from your country, example: for USA you could be American, or US Airways, or whatever. If your country does not have a livery, you will be assigned one. Each competitor will be given a callsign, which is their livery callsign, and their name and a given number. Participants without this will not be scored.

  9. The games will last a while, over the course of about a month or more. It will be one or two events per week. All of them will be announced. Each country is in charge of appointing their leader, and have them PM me saying that.
    So that is all the info I can give out now! NOTE: This is all subject to change, none of this is set in stone until you see me upload the document links…

UPDATE: Now you do not have to live in the country! Feel free to join any country!
I am now allowing country submissions! PM me here saying the country team you are starting and who is in it… If duplicate teams are created I will point them in the right direction. More info will be given once you PM. Again, thank you for your support!


Great Idea (just because you asked)


I like that idea.

Careful of publicising anything with ‘Olympics’ in the title though. The IOC are remarkably quick off the mark when it comes to folk using their brand. My wife is a member of a forum and they tried to have an Olympics style event and they got nobbled by the IOC and told to rename! I’ve had issues at work with them too.

But other than that, yes I think it’s a great idea, where do I sign up? :-)


Wow…lol…I better change that then. I’m not sure if we will do it, as long as enough people are interested I will do absolutely set it up. I will PM you if we end up doing it!


TOTALLY interested in this idea! Would love to help make it happen in any way possible!


I suspect you’ll be fine to be honest! If it’s limited to the forum I can’t see it doing any harm. Or call it ‘The Infinite Flympics’… ?


It is a great idea to make an Olympics for IF.


Awesome idea indeed. But the question is, who is actually willing to host such a huge project?


Me :) with some help from others!


Really nice! :D


That’s actually good lol. I think I will just keep it for now though. I don’t think they ever find out, or care for something like this.

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Team Judges


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Good idea.
Keep on it.

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A BAAAAASIC outline is: you can submit each country, if and only if the country has 3 or more participants…you would create a FB page and have one “admin”. you would practice, and have people volunteer for events. I’m not accepting country applications now, but I will in a day or so. In that you say whatever your country is, and number of participants, along with names…you HAVE to live in this country in real life to be part of that team…more info to follow, all of this is subject to change. If you would like to be a judge, PM me please :) I Will only have 7 judges…rules and regulations to follow. Stuff I am looking for in judges

  1. Can speak good English (English is the language of aviation!)
  2. The judges are from a variety of countries…of course you will not know, but I may not accept 3 people from USA, or whatever the case may be.
  3. Good standing with the community.

I like the idea.

Number of Competitors:
USA: 4,000

UK: 1,000

Samoa: 1

Might be a little unfair.


If you would like to participate, but your country is not registered, we can move you to another team. Ti doesn’t matter how many people there are per country, only a certain amount of people can compete each event per country. Specific event rules will come a few weeks before the event so you can prepare.

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Sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 All the way!!!
(I now live in the UK though.)

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