Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


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YAy . A350!!!




12 months ???


I’m speechless.I could already picture it now! I can’t even call this superb or great.There is no word to describe there amazing work


Or less

No one ever knows.


Or more

@Harun_Koyuncu, There is really no definitive answer on that, but we hope that the “production”, as I like to call it, will take shorter time where the progression of the project moves on as flawlessly as possible :)

They just began, and today they have way more features to add and well, read the article about the A350 and you’ll understand the reason why it “COULD”, not will but may slip on on to take 12 months, a Year that is.


Thank you so much Infinite Flight developers, you are at an impressive way the best simulator in Earth, thanks so much for this aircraft can’t wait for this and thankssss!❤️✈️😍


This is something that we have all been looking forward to for a long time!

The A350 will be a great addition to the Infinite Flight fleet, and can’t wait to see it be flown across the skies on Infinite Flight.

Cudos to the developers, moderators, beta testers and everyone else that is involved in the process.

Your hard work is appreciated, 110% percent!


Hello. When the Blog was announced I was excited as you informed us that you would inform us on there, what is going on. I got excited and I was expecting a blog like once every few weeks. ( a couple per moth) but that wasn’t the case. With this new Timeline how often will we get an update ? and know what’s happening ?. I know things might delay it @jasonrosewell




Hey @jasonrosewell Will this have Gear tilt?


It won’t :)


You never know. It could have it it could not. It’s way to early to even try and guess. :)


You don’t know that🙃




Again I’ll say it, you don’t know. It’s in early stages of development.


This is why we can’t have nice things, it’s called early development for a reason.


From the recent Airbus A350 picture above, it all actually shows how accurate are all the pieces of the gear is.

Take a Brief moment to appreciate on how cool and realistic it looks to have this awesome gear design in the Bombardier CRJ-700. I really do love looking at these small or minor details in any aircraft on all aspects of Infinite Flight. This is only an example and something I’d like to point out. Nice work devs! 👍


Im hyped for this! Also brilliant idea with the timeline!