Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


No way! Thanks so much for this information!

It shows how much you guys see our feedback, and appreciate the community. 👍
Thank you so much again!



Now this is awesome - it means we will be in the dark much less about upcoming features!

Thanks Jason!


knowing that the a350 is coming to IF makes me wonder why I even left IF for fsx and p3d, best april fools joke ever lol


My A350 shopping list:

Fully upgraded engine sounds recorded from the real Trent XWBs; more realistic fan blade rendering and speed; wing flap extension/retraction sound effects recorded from the cabin IRL;

New high intensity aircraft lighting, strobes reflecting on the ground, gear tilt, wing flex on the ground as well as flight, cabin views, interactive cockpit with full working instruments, working HUD, first officer view etc.

Anything else?


Just a question to STAFF MEMBERS AT IF (sorry for caps), I you are testing a new aircraft in multiplayer, say the A350, what would we see that aircraft as, another replacement like the A330 or 787, nothing, it just wouldn’t spawn, or the actual A359 itself?


We wouldn’t see anything but the tag


+1 for first officer view!


Is there a possibility to subscribe to this timeline so that I could receive an email when there’s an update? Or will timeline updates be shared on IFC as well?


Let’s just hope that the B777X doesn’t become the new A350😂


Everything other than the working cockpit systems (instrauments and computers) is plausible to likely!


It doesn’t tell you what’s coming 😡


Um… note the picture of the A350.


I would love to see tail logo lights!


Watching the timeline and social media is your best bet. Working on features that push more information to you when it’s already available may not be the best use of our time. Perhaps we can implement a happy medium and build a RSS feed which you could subscribe to. We’ll let you know if that happens.


Give us a little time to get it going… yikes! 😰


No worries, that’s fine. It’s not a big task to check it once or twice on my own from time to time. Just wanted to know if I missed something on the website.

I like the idea of that timeline. Transparency is a good thing and I’m looking forward to the articles and post we’ll find there. I also like that you kinda “take it away” from the IFC. It’s a better overview and a cleaner design. Thank you 😊


Did I understand it correctly? Will it take 1 year to come?


The article said it could take 12 months, or not. The dev team never puts release dates on updates, as unexpected bumps in development could delay an update significantly. We’ll have to wait and see.


Yup. We need to highlight the word ”May” as they used. For people not reading through carefully snd thoroughly, basically they are saying that the A350 could take up to 12 months. We don’t yet, but it can also be released before. Another possibility is that it take slightly longer than 12 months die to whatever issues that possibly can arise but we pray, wish and hope that such difficulties does not occur delaying the progression of the project :)


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