Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

The thing I like about this, is that it’s not like the A320 and Xcub that I’m in the captain or first officer view and I have to zoom to see my controls or have to change to the camera of the screens. Its right there in front

This is how I’d imagine how they do it, but I’m extremely curious to know too how it works.

I think they probably have a couple of “laws” they code in and then they tweek the numbers until it works. So they’d give the plane some reactions it should have when confronted to different situations like drag or gravity and much more. Then they’d test it to see if it feels realistic and if not then change some variables and maybe redefine the behaviour. I don’t think they actually take the laws of physics from a book and code them in. They probably do that as a first general thing and then modify them to make it work out.

Then again I know nothing about coding so it’s something I’d love to know. Just made sense to me that that’s how it works.🤷‍♂️

Great question. The development team uses a lot of data from published manuals. This gets the sim mostly there but then input from real pilots really help. Alpha and Beta testers, both pilots and not, provide fantastic feedback that is used to fine tune the aircraft.

For example, when the CRJ was reworked, CRJ pilots gave their feedback to make the sim more realistic based on their experience. When the xcub was developed, Laura was familiar with how it flew and how touchy some controls were. Some needed to be scaled back to strike that perfect balance between realism and the proper end user experience.


Thank you for the explanation Chris! 😊


😱🙌🏻 I can’t wait. It’ll open up so many new opportunities!


Do you see any displays like that on the current C172?


Wow! Looks so good 😍

And we have opening doors ladies and gentlemen!


I hope we will also have some progress on other aspects of the game other than aircraft.


I’m really hoping it will have realistic start and shutdown sounds. The XCub is meh in that aspect. Looks great! When the standby battery turned on I lost it 😂😄


And new livery!

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For landing. Even after buttering it the nose in the a320 family comes crashing down

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Any ideas about the a220???

I think that relates to how hard and fast you brake, not the physics.


Any idea on the a220??? Will it be introduced???

Not at the moment. The developers are currently working on other aircrafts. 👍

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Wow… 😮
It will be soooo cool to fly with two.


A shared cockpit you say?!

FSX intensifies

seriously though, that would be so cool!


I mean why would you need to shared cockpit as you can handle everything by yourself?unlike xPlane 11 or IRL that complex.


It’s pretty hard to handle manual flying while atc speaks to you.

That’s why there’s a monitoring pilot and a flying pilot