Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


For some reason the timeline page would not load for me, can someone maybe screenshot it for me?


Please use the #features for suff like that. This isn’t the place for it. :)

Just a general reminded for you folks that this is just out first look of little bits and pieces for the soon to come A350. This is not a place to:

  • Request Aircraft;
  • Request Liveries;
  • and more…

#Features request is the best way to get your opinion out of what you’d love to see added. The team at Infinite Flight look there for ideas the most.


I think you guys are misunderstood. I was not referring to the A350, I couldn’t care less. I was referring to the development timeline.


I wasn’t referring to development on the A350, I was referring to the development timeline.


Fair enough :)

The amount of years you mentioned does coincide quite well with the A350’s unveiling and first commercial flight, hence the misunderstanding!


This topic is not about the A350 itself, it’s about the timeline. Move questions about the A350 to the feature request for it.


That’s reasonable. The only thing I wish would have happened earlier is the development timeline. I think it is a big factor in the respect IFLLC has for the community. People deserve to know where their money is going, and I heard from a community member that the reason why a development timeline hasn’t been released yet is because IF wants to prevent disappointment.

I do not think the solution to prevent disappointment is to keep the community in the dark for however long it’s been.

You might disagree with me, and that’s fine. It’s your opinion. At least you listened.


They said it may take up to 12 months so probbaly will be released next year 100%


So that means there are at least two more aircraft that will come before it. Excited to see what they will be 😁


could be reworks


They said this?


Yeah. The last sentence of the blog post


Not sure how I missed that. 🙃


We can wait 12 months. It will definitely be worth it! However i hope we get something new or reworked in 2019 as well, otherwise its going to be a long wait ;)


What a beautiful day : news about A350 and launch of Falcon Heavy


Wow!! I’ve always been impressed with the effort the IF staff puts forth to communicated and listen to their community. It is nothing short of remarkable and only propels IF even further above other mobile flight sims (and some PC too). As time goes on, my excitement for the future of IF continues to increase.

You had me from download


Wow, this is very cool indeed. We can now see how the work progresses and follow along as audiences. We know how things are going for them to further extend than before and tagging along in this journey to see how the work is going is very interesting and a fun experience to say the least. What intrigues ke os to see how much work the devs put through and we get to be a part of it now and see how much time and effort they spend on the projects they work on.

So to conclude, the A350 fools wasn’t a fool, so I got fooled by the fool, thought it wasn’t a fool, so I wasn’t fooled yet I was… fool-ception.

I suppose I’ll count this timeline reveal as the Birthdays present the devs had to give to me thus year 🥳


thank you, I reading.


I go to school and I come back to this! This is incredible!!! Thank you everyone at Infinite Flight!


It’s also amazing to see the development process. I always love learning about what it takes to make such an amazing app possible. Now we can appreciate even more all that the developers have done and are working on.