Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


Thank you Jason! but this is on the a350 right?


Yeah: @Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk.


So can we suggest things


In feature requests you can ;)


Guess Presidential tweets also influence IF’s development plans 🤷‍♂️


Obligatory just kidding


Maybe covfefe is his way of expressing over excitement


Took em 5 years


Nope, it didn’t :)


You’re right. Now that I check it’s actually closer to 8


gear tilt right


My life is officially complete. 🎉🎉🎉


Actually, they only recently started development on the A350, so it’s taken much less than 8 years. The reason it took so long for them to begin working on it is because A. There wasn’t enough information for a while and B. Even when that information was available, they decided to cater to the minority (GA/Military lovers). Saying it took them 8 years makes it sound like it should’ve taken them less, which isn’t true for the reasons above.


If you think it’s as simple as just adding an aircraft as soon as it’s announced to the public in real lofe, you will unfortunately continue to be disappointed. You can read more about why it took the time it did here:


What a fantastic way of keeping the community involved and bringing the developers and end users together - great idea!

This will no doubt satisfy all us curious folk as to what goes into development of a new feature and heighten the appreciation of the time and effort that goes into creating things which, often at face value, seem quite simple


Very excited to fleet my 1st A350 fleet with SQ flight…


Tanks a lot Jason for jour quick answer about developing jour flight simulation. Infinite flight remains To this day an exellent flight expérience. I wish you all the team a good future développent, so that the expérience becomes more realistic While having fun… Regards Emmanuel Hayabusa little pilot in aero-club. Thank you

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Is A350 out


No. They just started development on it.


Nope, it’s in very early development still, this is only a timeline for future developments :)


Yay! That means it will be awesome to fly!

I’d also like a private jet other than the Ciation X