Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


That A350 gear looks beautiful! The level of detail is outstanding.

Side note: happy birthday @EthanT2


1 question when will be added in the game?


The developers never set release dates as problems could arise during testing


Jason told us that the development should not, take up to 12 months. Take a look into the Article below. The information is issued in the last paragraph. 👇


Actually, that’s a bit incorrect. Here’s what he said:

This aircraft may take 12 months to build, and it may not.

It could take 12 months. It could take 4. No one really knows. What we do know, however, is that Infinite Flight will only release it once it’s completely ready, the best it can be.


Apart from the A350 I’d like @infiniteflight to add small jets like a Gulfstream or a jet which can fly for a long time also apart from Citation X


#features section


Can we atleast get all the current aircraft updated before we keep adding planes


Thank you, I’ve been preaching this for the longest time.


We have a #features category for this reason. Express your support for updating current/existing aircraft by voting on what you want. The developers do look at the features category to determine what will be worked on next. By voting on these topics you’re contributing to the success that Infinite Flight is able to carry out. Thanks!

@Johnny_Ringo Not only you but thousands upon thousands have. I hope we can appreciate the fact that it’s finally being worked on, right? 😃


New blog post~


Can’t wait to hear that bad boy roar!

Credit: FDS themselves!


Honestly this engine looks smaller from this angle. 🤔


It looks like a 707 engine


Damn, those fan blades



I love this


that comment is so funny lol


will there be an interior for the a350 just like the CRJ ?


I doubt it, it’s too large but it would be amazing!


I think there will be. Once IF does something for one plane, they will do it for the rest of them!