Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


And also A question will there be updates coming along the way before the A350 comes because if you ask me 12 months is kind of a long time


Yeah! They supposedly have a smaller aircraft in the works as we speak!


I’m interested to see what comes in between the A350 and now. Looking forward to see that on the new timeline!


I think the developers are currently working on with the addition of taxiway lights and clouds. Laura mentioned about the challenges facing graphical issues and the rendering of the clouds. The taxiway lights will face some graphical challenges too.

Source came from the developer stream just before version 19.1 came out.


came in clutch I see!!


It seems we will see real A350.


The amount of detail that is going into this airplane is amazing! From every little wire, to the tire tread on the wheels!

I’ve never seen an aircraft more detailed in a flight simulator before, and I can’t wait to see what the final product will look like in the future.


Imagine if it has a working cockpit like the A-10😂


That’s a very real possibility, with the time it’s taking to build it could have a cabin with workable cockpit!


Honestly, every Infinite Flight update has newer and improved features every time. 😉


That would be a ton of work. If there’s a working fmc tutorials will be needed all around. I feel maybe if they do do something like that they should have a beginner and advanced aircraft with different xp amounts


The development complete date for the Airbus A350 is expected before the end of the year. With full speed, they are quite fast when in development, just relating to the Article made by Jason.


Not working instruments just the systems


Love the A350, but really would like to see cockpit reworks of current planes that need it first. 737’s are one of the most popular aircraft flying and the cockpits have never been updated


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my god…i like A350🤗


I feel like it’s gonna look like the 787


Only better ;)


Thats a bold statement. The 787 and A350 are totally different aircraft.