Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

It can be can’t it

Oh that thing oh yes I love doing thst but it can be annoying. Also will we get the Cessna “squeal” as I call it but what I mean is that well known stall horn?

I’m sure it’s fine but that site literally looks like the most virus filled site I’ve ever visited 😂

I can’t wait to control the mixture. Sad becuase today would’ve been a perfect flight YSSY-OTHH on an A350 :(


Cant wait to do a KLAS TO RJTT flight in the Japan Air livery

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I just thought! Hopefully the reign of Delta 787’s will come to an end!


I see LH, I Like LH, I want LH, I Got LH. CYYZ-EDDM (i think)


But then…

If Aeroflot is available, then it will be LAS to SVO

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I thought the A359 and C172 were the best things from the video. I guess not. In all seriousness though, mixture control will be helpful for fligh training lol.


Great question! I think you mean the heading alignment knob. In our case, the heading indicator will be set for you. In your flight lesson, your instructor would have adjusted it a few times since due to friction, and the fact that it operates on a gyro (not magnetic forces).


I hope united or emirates doesn’t cancel their A350 orders. That would suck to have another delta 787 situation.


Will we have the Cessna “squeal” as I call it? By Cessna “squeal” I mean the iconic stall horn

I definitely agree with you, but don’t you think those two liveries on the A350 would still be great to fly, even if they became fictional?

I fly only realistic routes so I almost never use liveries that don’t exist irl.


I think of the two, Untied is likely to cancel the order as they keep deferring the order back a few years when it gets close…But it’s still a gorgeous livery, so can’t complain!

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Credit due to the developers et all who made this happen. My only hope is that African liveries aren’t left out of the fun.


I think we may be thinking of different things. The instrument I was referring to was a small orange indicator on the heading dial that atleast he calls a heading bug, and you could turn it to a desired heading so it could be more easily acquired, and maintained. Again I’m not sure if it’s regularly used in flight, but we used it a lot during the lesson…

Did I see the nose gear shock absorber extend in the A350 ? 😲

@DeerCrusher 🔨


One of my fav parts of the a350 is the gear tilt/truck tilt (i think its called), I’m so glad that it’s implemented and hope to see it in other aircraft that it has it

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Oh that would be the icing on the cake