Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

Like everyone else, I’m very grateful to the team for working hard to bring the A350 out to 19.4, however I have two questions I am not sure have been asked yet:

  • Any updates to aircraft exterior lights - strobes/landing lights etc or will these come later?
  • Any improvement on the A350 with autopilot heading changes / transitions which are so abrupt in current aircraft, or again, are these still being worked on? If so, how quickly will this be improved on?

You say 19.4 but we are already in december, 2019. So it will come in this month with A350?

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Yes it will

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Oh my god, i didn’t wait this one. This is really really amazing job. I thought we will get A350 in the 2030. Thats really crazy. I even didn’t wait that in 2020.


Hmmm 🤨 no… the best update ever is the global one.


I also think it’s cool we’ll have two polar opposites to enjoy in 19.4, the very basic little 172 and an ultra high tech Airbus heavy.


Wait, so we can control mixture now? I saw the mixture knob move.

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Hmm that would be a cool addition but you will just have to wait and see

Yes you can control the mixture on the 172 if I remember correctly…

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That’s going to be awesome! :)

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And where is your evidence?

We were surprised with the A350


If it moves, it might be a good indication that you can. 🤐


@DeerCrusher I found this in the Premiere Chat Replay.



He has turned to our side!

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Yes, you’ll be able to control the mixture, and use it to shut down at the end of your flight, along with mag checks!


Off topic question what are mag checks?

Lm just dying out of excitement.

What’s a mag check?

Let me google that for you…

Research can be fun.


One thing I was wondering is if we will be able to use the heading bug, in the (admittedly single) flight lesson I took, the instructor used that a lot, mabye it was just to help me since I’m new, but I’ve gotten quite used to using it in other sims, and it would be awesome to have here…