Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

He is a BETA tester, that’s why he can fly it. 😉

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Ah ok thanks!

I’m getting IF pro for Christmas now

19.4 is by far going to be the best update in the entire history of Infinite Flight. Thank you, developers!


2nd best global was the best imo


As others have said, he’s a beta tester. Ensuring that bugs and other issues don’t make its way to a build coming to you sometime soon. Its a lot more work that “playing around”. Beta testing is not as simple/glamorous as it may seem. After all, we’re tasked to assist in product development by providing feedback to the developers. Its a business. 🙂


I want to say around Christmas, makes more sense. But you may be right

i would think around christmas but who knows. after seeing the premier im good now for a while. that trailer will hold me over

If the purpose of this video was to thrill us, congratulations, you made it. 😃


Damn no Cabin views. We were patiently waiting for that too but its alright. At least we gonna get a chance to fly the beauty


I’m not worrying about that! What I respect from the staff is that they want to release an update early enough for us to fly, and yet become hyped for another update to the A350! Such as designing cabin views, engine sounds etc. Let’s be happy what we have mate. 👍


Yeah you’re right.

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I saw through the Windows on the premiere, so maybe it is that we can just see through the Window?

Time will tell hopefully

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Very excited to see the new liveries that have been brought to the A350. Even more excited for the new map!

Great work!

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But I have a question… How will he get the light from the plane cabin when it’s dark?

Example on the B787-9 :

Or don’t have any light just a faint blue light inside the cabin?

Exemple on the CRJ-900 :


Beta tester here… Yes sir! What @DeerCrusher said! On point! 👍🏼


Wouldn’t it be great if some liveries on the A350 were free, just like the X-Cub

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No because, they do much more stuff and it is worth the money.


I just want to say that surprising us with the A350 in this update was an AMAZING choice it definitely made my day!