Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

When I first saw it approaching.

Check out this:

You can see the cabin through the Window:

Hey Everyone!

I’m so happy to see all of the excitement from our awesome community! I’m going to post a quick little Q&A here.

Before you react to these answers, please just take a few minutes to sit on it and think it through. We’ve worked very hard to bring this airplane before Christmas, and just because I give an answer here, doesn’t mean it won’t be worked on in the future. Some of you will say, “but you should just get it right or don’t ship it at all!” That’s one good option, but not the only one. We know from experience that our users mostly prefer we release and iterate on that.

Will all new/reworked aircraft have gear tilt?

Yes, as long as the aircraft actually has it in real life. Note, this depends on the extent of the rework. Gear tilt requires an a new 3D model. For example, if we update the A330 to have a live cockpit (hypothetically), this wouldn’t necessarily mean gear tilt would be coming as well.

Will the A350 have a cabin view?

Not in the first version. No word for you right now beyond that. Just focus on flying the airplane :)

Will the A350 have new sounds?

Not in this version, no. This was the topic of a heated discussion several days ago. We know engine sounds are important to you and we’ll work on this.

How many liveries will the A350 have?

LOTS. What you’ve seen so far is a small collection of them. You’ll have to wait and see which ones show up.

When is the release?


Is the C172 still better than the A350 cause you actually have to fly it?

Of course.

See ya!


I like that you kept your promise to bring gear tilt as soon as possible. Thank you very mush. And niw everyone is very happy


Infinite Flight’s catchphrase


Huge thanks to the whole team at Infinite Flight! Looking forward too more liveries, more features and most importantly more surprises!!!

Thank you!


I take back on what I said a couple of days ago. You guys do seem to be growing much more than before.

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Ohhhh new B777 with gear tilt 😍😍

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This may be the first time I’m genuinely, extremely excited to try out a GA before a new Passenger Aircraft. The C172, looks incredible good from the Promo video and, just so detailed, real life like and… I can see all the work that has been put into this little fella. Looking forward to fly both aircraft, and I indeed as excited as I was about the TBM and XCub when they came out…, the C172, it’s a class of it own, and I hope to see all GA where the C172 will land in terms of how much work that has gone into making it as alike to the real life plane as possible by mobile platform standards ⭐️

Much Love and Support to the Team who has been working on this update as a whole ❤️


Wow wow wow. Very nice update and huge surprise that the A350 will be an up and coming addition this go around. Looking forward to it!!

One question, perhaps for Jason or whomever: may I ask why there is an Emirates and United livery this far out? I understand you can make them whenever and why not now, but to avoid the possibility of a future change or conversion in the airline’s order, to promote realism wouldn’t it be better to hold those liveries until such time that they are confirmed to be taking to the skies? (Saying this as the person who is bothered by the Air Austral and Transaero A380 haha)

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I hope the other planes with more Main GEAR will Get GEAR tilt soon!

Patience always pays off. :)

There’s so much happening behind the scenes that things constantly change and evolve depending on what’s going on at the time. Trust me, the team keeps stuff like this under wraps for good reasons.

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The real question now is.
What does 20.1 have in store for us?


So they dont have to hear when the livery comes out IRL, “add this, add this, add this!”
And cause why not? They are beautiful liveries

Probably the 777 or more liverys

One update at a time.


I hope I get to see Aeroflot in the livery list

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You and me both!

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By way of clarification…


Thanks jason🙂 For the little Q&A, And thank you for the updates along the way👍 Cant wait for the C172 and maybe the A359 as GA is the GOAT