Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


Taxi Lights and clouds already in the works! 😁👌


I also heard Laura getting inspired with the addition of clouds into Infinite Flight. She was mainly explaining about the graphical and the rendering issues it could impact if they would try implement it. The information on the latest developer stream in relation to the 19.1 update.

Also, Taxi lights is also to be thought of in the near future! 😉


Would love to see clouds. Hopefully one day we can.


Their not Rockstar now cmon lol


I don’t get it how do I find the info about the A350?


@NathanD Tap on that her:


I know i just wanted to know when do they start


As HiFlyer mentioned, they have already started developing the aircraft.

If by ‘when do they start’ you mean when does it release…well no one knows.


I love all the INFOS were getting from everyone makes me even more excited ! Thank for everyone giving more exciting news lol


Could you imagine what the IF team could do if they had the same resources as Rockstar? (Cleans drool from mouth)




I’m pretty sure everyone would agree now that this may become the best aircraft Infinite Flight may produce from the ground up. Look at that detail! Jarno, you are amazing!!! 😱😁👍🏻


Huge kudos to @.jarno80 for the detail on this!


It’s just all the lines and wires that make it all that more better!


Can we get a confirmation if we’re gnan get a gear tilt or no for the A350


No… that’s not what it means.
The edit only means that it’s not confirmed.


Ok cus someone in another topic said it was coming with the a350, maybe we’ll know when Jarno posts his story in the timeline


Damn that detail just takes detail to a whole new level


I’m glad your happy! It’s surely exciting!


That is amazing. Can’t wait for the A350! :)