Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


Sometime in the near future according to the blog post. 😃

Welcome by the way! Glad to have you with us Kaden.


This is A350 right? So good .Thanks!


Not entirely, but in a way yes! Welcome to the IFC you’ll love it here!


Agreed, well done infinite flight developers!


all current planes?! if the a350 might take about 12 months then having all current planes reworked with best details will probably take a lot more than 12 months, and if I am not wrong only 3 aircrafts are in development at the moment and the a350 is confirmed while we still don’t know what the other two are! if they happened to be two existing aircrafts then its probably reworks which more likely come before the a350, but yeah we still have a long way to go before every single aircraft can have all the detailed stuff.


We can say that the A350 will come in 2021. The question is : what is the aircraft or functionality in development ?


No, it says on the article 12 months. Although it may come before or after.


When do u guys start making the A350?


The A350 is already in development.


Is it’s possible for it to be realeased in the summer?


Maybe, maybe not. Just keep watching the timeline and #announcements to find out


I didnt expect this to be true at all tho… but apparently i fot proven wrong :)))


Taxi lights confirmed? Happy that they are working on something!! 😀👍


They have always been working on them. They are for sure coming at some point but that doesn’t mean it will be this year or anytime soon


I’m with this other guy though coundlt have said it better myself …


Will there be updates before the 350 or will that be the next one?


There will most likely be more updates before that since they’ve just barely begun working on it.


There absolutely will be! They said at the start of the year that there are 2 aircraft coming this year, with another coming this year or the next. The A350 is coming in the next 12 months according to this post, so assuming the A350 is the 3rd plane that is at least 2 updates before the A350 :D


Well didn’t they say a while ago that one aircraft will be a GA one?


That was before they announced the TBM, that doesn’t apply to this