Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


Thank you Soo much for making it my main simulator I use very often!


Thank you, the A350 can wait, I’d rather have all current planes on the same level of quality and detail.

Various cockpit views, improved cockpits in some planes, FO views, Cabin views, wing flex, working spoilers, aileron sag when the Airbus is off all that little other details are needed before another plane. I know I’m missing a lot of stuff that can be improved but it’s not another plane.


Nice to see increased transparency when it comes to development although I personally would have prefered it if the devs developed the A350 in total secrecy and released it without any prior notice. I wonder what the other two aircraft being developed are?


This is great, I really hope it works out, and that people are mature enough to handle it. One thing that separates IF from all other sims, is the direct contact and input from the user base, in this case the IF community, and this is a huge leap forward in to improving this process.

I wish they added the progress on the South America scenery in this development thread, things such as areas being worked on, areas that are finished, sneak peeks etc.


I think I see an A350… XD


Really looking forward to this!


A350 is inbound to infinite flight


It’s mid flight right now! By summer or so it’ll be on final approach 😜


how do you know?


🤦‍♂️ I was having fun with some Aviation type wording


Is there a tracking thread open yet?
or soon be open?


The development timeline is theoretically a thread :)


Tracking threads are no longer allowed because they get way out of hand way too fast.


You can use the A350 feature request for discussion there. But there’s no real need for a tracking thread because this timeline fulfills that need for one. All of the information and pictures you’ll ever hear or see will be shared by Infinite Flight via:

This link is pretty much your tracking thread. 👆🏼


Darn, I was hoping for a 10s delay cockpit…


Huh what do you mean and also a question how often will they also post updates on what’s hapenning and stuff is it gonna be every month or every few months or what


Usually live TV shown (sports, news, etc.) is on a 10 second delay so they can add graphics, edit it, etc, and I was just making a joke about the live cockpit…


Oh I don’t get it sorry lol


When is this a350 coming out?


There is no definate date.