Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


When will A350 come? Is it possible to come the end of the year? Or maybe next year? Im still wondering when🤔🤔


Ohhh. Ok, i don’t was sure.


It can come about 12 months it can come about 2,5-12 months, nobody knows when ut comes just wait to it comes.


Until there is an official release date announced, no one knows. Your best bet is to set the #announcements category to “watching first post.” That way, you’ll be notified of any news regarding IF developments.


All they’re trying to do is manage people’s expectations, so we don’t expect it to come within a few months, which is understandable. I recall how long the CRJ took, and this is next gen compared to that.


I think a new feature has to be implemented in order to be able to run “Live cockpit” across many devices. Take a look to see what I mean. That feature would definitely improve the progress. 👍


thank you to have answer me , yes yes 😊 , this need me many , and i want you know that , us , infinite flight user encorage you many because isn’t easy , we 're with you thanks .


The a350 is most likley going to released in the Q3 or Q4 (probably more likely) of this year.


Most likely next year as they said they would embark this 12 month project. I think that’s what they said Haha please don’t trust me!


In the post, they stated, “It may take 12 months, it may not.” Nobody know though, so we’ll just have to wait.


Can’t wait to take this mighty bird on a long haul flight!👍😆Keep up the good work!


I heard something about taxiway lights coming??


Please post where/when an official source said that. If IF or the developers themselves didn’t say it, it is most likely false


I saw a message from IF made by JR


So incredibly excited to see my favorite Airbus join up into the IF fleet. Will we see the A350-900 and -1000 or just the -900. Also, will we see the -900ULR variant (and in the future a -1000ULR variant should the speculation with Project Sunrise materialize)


It’s going to be one heck of a year


With all these planes getting more and more detailed, maybe we will start seeing the spoiler work with the ailerons like on real planes? I’d rather see the planes we currently have get more detailed than having planes that have wing flex and some that don’t. A more uniform standard perhaps?


I love that we’re getting the A350 however I can agree very much with what you are saying! I think the aircraft we have need updates and features that are much needed should come first!


I know I was just saying


The developers thought so too, which is why we got an A-10 rework and a 737 (soft) rework. However, the loudest people in their fan base (people who want the A350 like their life depends on it) disagreed, claiming that we needed an A350 immediately. So here we are :)