Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

I remember Jason telling us in one of the Instagram stories that many liveries has been already added to the upcoming A350. In addition, he mentioned that he should update the timeline but never had the time to do it, since he was at the Expo in Orlando.

Let’s all be patient and just wait for further information, since we really don’t know as much about the next update, also not forgetting the XCub.


That’s right, BTW the Dev isn’t a big team so we must be kind and be happy for the Amazing work and they have a private life too they don’t only working with this.


Me is very sad 😕 we need a peak 😭

need want

Perhaps the lack of updates on the Timeline means that the update is going to be coming soon? If that’s the case, I’m sure the next update to the timeline will be the update itself.

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He speculated :ban:


But yeh, just give them time. There are many other things they’re working on. We have had lots of peaks. Just wait

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This update will be soon. We never really know when is it. @CR3W


🤔 hmm. I said if that’s the case. 😜

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They make a Topic or something when they send the update to Apple/Google Play, and i have heard that the update is very soon done after the FSE but anyone don’t know when the update is.

Take a coffie, take a tour, take a small break and come back and the update is here maybe or maybe not.

When is FSE?

It was like over the weekend. You’re about a week late

Oh I thought that was the expo

Oh wait…nvm

@Hamza.N, I think the second GA aircraft is an update to the TBM, or a new plane. I have no idea. 🤷‍♂️

A look at the new 777 center console.


Bigger picture

From Twitter


I was actually expecting an a350 cabin or another livery.

The 350 and 777 are currently in the modeling phase. After that it will be given to different developers to add the flight physics and other code to make the plane come to life. One it is complete it will go through various levels of testing before it is released.


Only? The rework was literally confirmed not too long ago.

Working on the 777 already!!!?

No way! Progress is really getting done with Infinite Flight this year.


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