Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

Does working cockpit mean working in comparison to the A10


I guess we would have to wait and see, but once Infinite Flight do one thing for one aircraft, they do like to carry it over to other ones.


this is great news!

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Yes. It’s about time! 😂💪👌

Is it just me or do you guys realize that in real life the back landing gear( second very back wheel ) on a Boeing airplane is titled downward more. It would be a very cool feature in my preference to make it more realistic, but yeah!

I think you are talking about gear (truck) tilt, this would be cool. In fact you can vote for it here…


Hello to everything(s) I can’t wait for the Airbus a350-xwb to come out…( and you?)


I really HATE to be this person, but any development regarding the A321 bobbing nose fix? I really miss flying this bird.

For me it works most of the time, but not all the time.

Agree with you, she is charming most of the time. It’s just the few times the issue comes out that drives me crazy. Specially since the 318, 319 and 320 are fine.

Folks, please remember this is just an Announcement about Infinite Flights new Development timeline. You should know better then to request things on an Announcement thread, let alone any other category besides #features. Please, enjoy what we have/are getting, and move your request to #features. Thanks all!


I hope they do both A350 XWB variants

(-900 and -1000)


What’s the issue if I migh ask?

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When the A321 is at cruise at .80 or higher, the nose of the aircraft bounces.

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It’s been 3 days someone said that they post every 3 days where is the new post

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Them posting every 3 days is not necessarily true. They will add to the timeline once they have something to share with us, whether it is 3 days, a couple of weeks or a month.


That is mere speculation. Only believe what you hear directly from the developers or staff ;)


Because it’s probably over speeding, the cruise Mach is .78


Even at M.78 the nose starts bobbing SOME TIMES not always, it also happens while descending. (And I am aware of turbulence)

For the last previous replies…this is not the place to discuss this…please take this to the feature request that asks for the bobbing effect to be fixed.