Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

Before the last update, they wrote on the blog about the attempt to add … I hope this time we can add …

If a mod or someone could make a rule against posting screenshots of beta testers from liveflight, it would be great. We all know that it’s in Beta testing and theres no need for this thread to be clogged with endless screenshots…

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People are just excited lol. Let them live a bit and enjoy the build up of excitement


Beta testers is not allowed to post pictures and show how things is to people

I think he means that people are constantly posting picture from Live flight of people testing the A350 we all know the A350 is in Beta Testing and is just about ready for release

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Which is why the majority of those screenshots are directed towards the Community Members Spotted on Live thread. If you feel that the pictures don’t belong here, simply flag them., or redirect them to that thread.


I’m very excited to see the A350 being introduced in 19.4! It’s been a long time coming. However, I’ll address the elephant in the room: something looks wrong with the nose.

I know a lot of people will say its the angle or the zoom. But notice that the screenshots of the IF A350 landing (particularly the second one) were taken from far away. The further away the camera is the closer to the physical dimensions you get in the photo.

The distances between the edge of the windscreen and the first door look very different:

Again, I’m incredibly excited to finally see the A350 coming to IF and I really appreciate everything the devs have done. That said, I can’t be the only one seeing this.


Happy International Civil Aviation Day everyone! 🎉✈️

(while he refreshes the App Store every once and a while)


After the 172, I hope you will look for the Piper Warrior as New GA

AS a low wing rival for the C172

Nothing will ever top global


I think, we should wait until it gets released so we can get a better angle and compare it to its real life counterpart. But you might be right.


Yeah that’ll be the only way to know for sure. I’m just concerned by what we’ve seen so far though… But it’s still an A350 haha

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These photos are at different angles and this was already brought up. One of the staff members gave a great explanation and I’ll try to find it.

Is it that their explanation about camera zoom? Like I said, the Delta landing screenshot was taken with the camera very far away. That means the windscreen actually covers that much of the total cross section.

Um focal length matters. Focal length doesnt really change the appearance in IF but different focal lengths change the appearance of real life objects. It was discussed before. The real life images can be misleading in appearance due to focal length. The devs took the dimensions straight from what airbus has published out about the A350. This argument has been settled already. Stop trying to beat a dead horse with a stick.


I am not completely sure. I would rather let a staff respond because I don’t want to spread false info

I don’t see anything wrong with the model. Could you elaborate what’s missing?

Focal length and zoom do make a difference in IF. That’s why your aircraft dimensions will look different if you’re using “normal”/“locked” versus zooming in from far away using free. That’s not super relevant though.

Airbus doesn’t publish every single dimension of the A350. That’s not possible for tiny details. That’s why what the devs do is so hard.

And no, this hasn’t been settled. We were waiting to get more images and now we have some. When it gets released we’ll know for sure.


Absolutely- on the top comparison look at this: the distance between the edge of the windscreen and the first door.

You can see that the distance is way smaller on IF’s model.


Why not you be happy what we have right now.

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