Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline

Don’t you think it’s good to always have something new?

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else was not confirmed by misha in osh?


This was only a mention to consider adding it or not. He told us that this was subject to change.

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Yes, that will come in time. I too would like to see an increase in liveries for both airbus and boeing, but they are only humans, only so much they can do

Me too, I wait for the liverys in the A320 family Soon


welcome to the community @Otavio_Alves

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A new GA Rework… Cessna 172. This looks amazing


You are kidding me, right?

My favourite GA gets a live cockpit! I love you devvsss!


Looks like our fleet of tiny aircraft is getting some love this year. Great job, fellas!

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And please, please, please, live instruments for my beloved TBM, please, please, please also!


The TBM live cockpit is in the works and might be released before the c172 update. But we gotta wait and see.

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I wait, thanks a lot! And thanks to the devs!


That looks EPIC!

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Will there be any new liveries for the reworked C172?

We don’t know that yet!

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I have a question regarding the development process (if I may ask one) 😊

On what basis do you program the flight physics? Do you do real test flights on your own or just talk to pilots of the specific plane? If so, how do you find those pilots? Or is it just based on data you can get from the aircraft manufacturer?

Honestly, I have no idea about programming. I don’t have the slightest clue how physics are being programmed in a game and how everything comes together etc. So maybe that’s a stupid question. I’ve always been a curious person though 😃


I’m pretty sure it was said some time ago that they get real pilots to test the aircraft and give feedback on the flight physics.


Looking at Version 18.6 Article (I think it was 18.6) when the A-10 was released, it was indeed tested by real life A-10 pilots. Which sounds very interesting in my opinion!


The thing I like about this, is that it’s not like the A320 and Xcub that I’m in the captain or first officer view and I have to zoom to see my controls or have to change to the camera of the screens. Its right there in front

This is how I’d imagine how they do it, but I’m extremely curious to know too how it works.

I think they probably have a couple of “laws” they code in and then they tweek the numbers until it works. So they’d give the plane some reactions it should have when confronted to different situations like drag or gravity and much more. Then they’d test it to see if it feels realistic and if not then change some variables and maybe redefine the behaviour. I don’t think they actually take the laws of physics from a book and code them in. They probably do that as a first general thing and then modify them to make it work out.

Then again I know nothing about coding so it’s something I’d love to know. Just made sense to me that that’s how it works.🤷‍♂️