Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline



Hello, Infinite Flight Aviators!

You asked for more info on what’s coming next for Infinite Flight. Here. It. Is. We’re taking our development communication up several notches with the all new development timeline. This will feature up-to-date works in progress, developer streams, increased blog content, and much more.

Please enjoy as we dig deeper into the world of Infinite Flight development!

Please note, we don’t set internal deadlines, so project launch dates will not be shared on the timeline!

What will be Your First A350 Flight in Infinite Flight?
Prank or real
A350, Talking about the timeline.
[Remade!] The History of Infinite Flight Wiki
[Remade!] The History of Infinite Flight Wiki
A350 Dilemma

This is perfect. You really care about the community, making sure we know whats going on behind the scenes. Thanks!!!


So the April fools joke was not a joke after all!


Wow so we can ask any planes that are coming next?


Love it, thanks so much team!


Cue crowd of screaming people…


I LOVE IT!!! Cool


THIS will be the best thing ever!!! I am so excited.


Best April fools of my life


Ideally this would reduce that!


The link isn’t working for me. Is anyone else having problems?


What a great way to keep us updated. Awesome idea and thank you Infinite Flight team for everything. To all the members that think IFLLC doesn’t share their development progress, please have a look above…


You are amazing !


Thanks for all the hard work put into IF.


You guys are rocking it on the Social Media front, keep it up!


These people epic💪🏾


Someone check @Transport_Hub’s blood pressure right now as he was thinking this was a scenery release for Singapore! Conned again!

Great looking stuff, excited to see how this transforms through the creation of future aircraft and updates!


Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for sharing this! Really looking forward to seeing what we have coming our way!


Very great idea for our community and see our time in the past. We never forgot in the past, the memory can be still there in the timeline. The timeline help us to remember the great old day of IF. Good work IF Team!