Introducing the Infinite Flight Competition Center!

This is the Infinite Flight Competition Center or IFCC for short!

What is IFCC?
­ - It’s an Infinite Flight Live Landing Competiton
­- It’s orginally based off of FSXCC made by ‘airforceproud95’ on YouTube

  • Founders of IFCC are @ZaidSal, @Huw, and I

When will the competitions be hosted?
-­ Every two weeks at a variety of airports in Infinite Flight
­ - Hosted mainly on weekends
­ - Events take place between afternoon and evening
­- Events will take place on the advanced server (unless devs can make private server)

What happens during these competitions?
­- Aircraft will spawn in the host region and try to perform the best landing

  • You only have one try
  • You will be judged and scored

Who judges me and how will I be scored?
­- a group of 5 pilots of my choosing will judge your landing (preferably regulars/mods/FDSstaff)
­ - Judges will score you based upon certain factors (smoothness, centerline, technique,

How can I see the results?
-­ Judges will tally up the scores and average them
­- Results will be posted via Google forms

  • Goal is to reach the top 3

What do we win!?
­ - I don’t know… fame, coolness?
­ - Don’t expect prizes like free IF live, etc.

Anything else I should know?
-­ Official IFCC aircraft are the FDS aircraft (must use them during competitions)
-­ There may be other competitions in the future (stay tuned)
­ - Don’t forget to have fun ;)

So what will happen first?

  • before any competition starts, I need to gather judges
  • if you’re interested in judging, PM me (TL3 and up please)

Stay tuned for the first competition which will be hosted @ St. Maarten! (June 18)


Would this be in lounge then?

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No, it’s open for everyone to participate! Judges can only be TL3 and up however

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Looking forward to being a judge!


Shoot me a PM


Cool! I love Airforceproud95’s videos, and I think this will be really awesome! Just keep me posted on when and where these things are. Can’t wait!


Sure will, just keep watching this thread for updates

If it gets any better than AFP95’s… I’ll probably join tho :3

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Same… Got a really good Editor

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I’m not recording it guys! If you want to watch, you can be a spectator

Nah! Being a spectator would be a waste of battery.

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Put your iPad on the charger

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I just got a new iPad lol!

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Yea I put my phone almost 24h on the charger xD

One day it’ll go kaboom but YOLO xD

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Ok guys, you can be a spectator if you want, but back on topic now

Hopefully you get good participation and hopefully I can join in some!

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Event details will be released soon, so keep on the lookout

I don’t have the Caribbean. :/

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Don’t worry, there will be events held in free regions as well. St. Maarten will be the first because it’s just an awesome airport

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