Introducing the IFEO

New Owner, contact @Liam_Kirk

Today, along with the hype of the new update, I am proud to announce the beginning of a new VA called the “Infinite Flight Event Organization”. I have created this organization to help pilots find real-world flight paths that they can fly with other people.
#How it will work

Every day, our team will work to find a new, unique, real life route to provide pilots with fresh flight plans. The flight plans will be found on our website. (Under Construction) Weekly, we will have group flights for everyone in our slack channel and on our website. These will not be posted on the forum, as we don’t want to spam event posts. However, monthly, we will have a large-scale event, posted on the forums, that will relate to news in real life or the IF community, for example, a 787 flight would be a good choice for this month. All monthly flights will have the luxury of being escorted by none other than IFES and the IFM!

CEO and President - Me
Vice President and Advisor - @AnnieCorp_Inc
Social Media - @Neal_Jha
Flight planner - @Rexton
Recruiter - @Captain_Rojas
Graphics - @DiamondFlight1011 @Javier_Blancas

#Want to join?
Want to join a great community and have access to detailed flight plans and group flights? Fill out this form, or simply leave a comment.

#Any other questions?
Feel free to ask them below!


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What about you?

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Wait so what exactly is this?

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We are a team of people who fly together (like a normal VA) but we also host frequent events and public group flights.

isn’t that the flying squad

Never heard of it.


there one of the most popular flying groups

Weird, name doesn’t ring a bell but the logo does. They are facebook based and we are not.

They do, they fly every day

you just gotta be added to their channel

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We hold events, and our structure is completely different.

They do too, but not as often

I’m not here to debate the flying squad with you. Simple answer: IFEO isn’t TFS.

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okay, but good luck with your va

I no way sponsor or help TFS in anyway.
I am not a member of TFS in any way.

Yeh, we are very very active. We are not holding any group back from creating their own groups.