Introducing the ICG/Big Bear Partnership

Big Bear Virtual Airline and the International Cargo Group are now virtual partners!
Here’s a little bit of what are we going to do.

Code Shared Routes:
the partnership will let us expand to new destinations that wouldn’t have been possible without this partnership.
Big Bear VA is now flying to South Florida, Charlotte, San Francisco, and Oshkosh.
The International Cargo Group will now experience the beauty of Big Bear Lake and City.

New Ways To Fly
The partnership will let Big Bear fly on cargo, and it will also let the I.C.G fly on commercial routes

Better Together
This Partnership will let us do an event together at least once a month, this will improve both of us and will make our members enjoy their time with Big Bear and I.C.G , that’s why we are Better Together.

Interested In Joining Us?
Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C
International Cargo Group

Thank You From BBVA and I.C.G.



Good luck from JetBlue and (hopefully) Frontier VA’s! Looks amazing

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thank you!

hey madrid I’m still confused can u explain more in #general at slack?

How are you guys flying interregion?

A) They don’t and you’ve misread something
B) They takeoff form their destination, end flight at the end of the region and takeoff in the other region and continue the flight and land at the destination.

I think you misread something.

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We are not flying inter region.
We are doing code share flights, so now we operate some of their routes, and they operate some of our routes :)

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