Introducing the 2017 Infinite Flight Olympics Games II Vote Now For Your Server Choice

Olympics do not happen until at least three weeks after global, regardless of time that way some of the rush would have partially subsided . However, say it releases four weeks before the Christmas holidays we will start then to make it more accessible to everyone.


So fair the team requests are flooding in. To make sure we get it done quickly, please ensure both myself and @dush19 are in the PM. That way we can get it done as soon as possible. And try to be as patient as possible!

If neither of us have replied in 3 days, you may double message as it probably became buried in our inbox’s

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Wow, that’s awesome - thanks, Max!


For all users hoping to start a team: please fill out an application on the website. When you finish this, send a pm to @Wren_Jago and @dush19. If you have only done one of these steps, there is no need to do anything else :). Thanks, and good luck!


Vote Now For your Choice of Server

This year, we would like to give the power to the people, allowing you guys to decide on the server for this year’s games. Bear in mind, that there is no ATC on casual and unless something has changed from last year IFATC will not be assisting in expert server. We may also have a small exam for people wishing to control on the training server during the events. Obviously, speed based events will be on casual unless someone wants violations. Voting will be open for 72 hours - good luck guys.

  • Casual Server
  • Training Server
  • Expert Server

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Bear in mind, that the IFO reserve the right to change the decisions at any time. Aswell as this, the server configuration may have changed after Global, at which point we will hold another poll.

Thanks once again!
IFO Chairman


I just create the SPAIN TEAM if someone what to join

You need to both register and get my permission to recruit on the forum. Unfortunately, until you do so you will not be competing or recruiting here


MaxSez: The Sever Poll’s loopsided interim result reinforces my view that the IF membership is made of elitests, snobs, egomaniacs, duty experts, millennials, little boys and a few girls. By selecting the Expert as the Olympic Server you do an injustice to our fledging colleagues. This is subliminal segregation, black balling & presumtive class structuring. Who will fill the viewing stands, cheer the teams on from the tarmac and infield parking.
In my view only TS-1 will do. No guest passes required. Bring the community together. That’s my position and I’m sticking to it, So There! LOL


That’s incredibly nice and selfless of you.


I don’t think anyone has put team North Korea on here yet.
And yes, surprisingly this was confirmed and registered lmao 😂🇰🇵


Where’s South Korea? Are they participating this year?

Haven’t been created yet.🙂

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I’m either gonna make a team Jamaica or join team Britain.

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Britain has already been taken up long ago!


Someone doesn’t create team South Korea, you could possibly be their team leader if you are up for that challenge, there are quite a few South Korean IF users I have seen in polls so I’m sure you would have some people on your team.

I’m with Max (though I may not have put it that way). I voted TS1 and was surprised to see so many vote for Expert. Seems that 1. that excludes newbies from at least observing and 2. It may interfere with advanced non-participants who just want a “normal” day on the Expert server. 3. It seems like most “special” IF events have been held on TS1.

So there you go, my 2 cents would also be to do TS1 (or even casual!).


I am So sad how NK wont join due to the Immaturity of some people, NK is a country, and Olympics is Global, but i found out that some of here are racist that they dont want NK and they are comparing it to groups that arent even related, What a shame, Community?

I’d agree and if we need ATC while on the TS I’m sure IFTSATC can help out if needed as they are very professional and not limited on regions or anything like IFATC sometimes are.

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“Expert Server is now the king server, Who Cares about TS1 or Casual?”

I agree with What Epaga and Max Said, i mean…Yes its More mature, but less people to “Observe”


As I said before, this poll is not a decision maker and we will also have to take into account what FDS choose to do, post Global release.

I voted Training Server for your information