Introducing the 2017 Infinite Flight Olympics Games II Vote Now For Your Server Choice

Yes I was once a member of IFPM. If you wish to bring it back, please send me a PM

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MaxSez: I’ll donate $100 to the winning teams favorite charity plus a Golden Peanut Congratulatory Forum Post. Payment is guaranteed as coordinated with @Wren_Jago and you can take that to the bank! May the best Team win the Laurels!



I hope to compete with the USA team, this will be a great experience.

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Is the US team available?

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Definitely it is! You can check them out on this topic!


As the leader of Team USA for almost two years in a row, I’d like to wish all participating teams the best of luck. And as for any pilots that are looking to represent the United States, here is the official recruitment topic:


Team France is now up and running. Good luck to every team.

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As leader of Team GB, I feel this will be a great time to compete together in different events and share the love of flying, I send my luck to all teams involved and a huge thanks to Wren and Dush for organising it this year. Good luck everyone!!


Team GB have become our first full team. Great job, and this is hopefully a sign of things to come for them!


Oh wow, (hope I don’t win) Runner up would be nice tho 😏😁

It’s gonna be great this year!!!

  1. MD11/DC10
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Congrats getting the Olympics back up and running again! Can’t wait to participate in Team Australia 🇦🇺

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Am I missing something, is Global release date out? Or how else do you know it is three weeks after?


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He says this because global doesn’t have a release date. So, 3 weeks after Global is released.

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@ewanfleming Ahh that makes much more sense… thanks


It is just using the assumption that Global will be out in early August. Who knows, but with things going I’m hoping the Olympics happens before Summer.

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Did you guys make an Alternative incase Global Didnt release during 2017; Just incase a bug poped up

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Olympics do not happen until at least three weeks after global, regardless of time that way some of the rush would have partially subsided . However, say it releases four weeks before the Christmas holidays we will start then to make it more accessible to everyone.


So fair the team requests are flooding in. To make sure we get it done quickly, please ensure both myself and @dush19 are in the PM. That way we can get it done as soon as possible. And try to be as patient as possible!

If neither of us have replied in 3 days, you may double message as it probably became buried in our inbox’s

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Wow, that’s awesome - thanks, Max!


For all users hoping to start a team: please fill out an application on the website. When you finish this, send a pm to @Wren_Jago and @dush19. If you have only done one of these steps, there is no need to do anything else :). Thanks, and good luck!