Introducing Southwest VA!

This is my new VA. We fly the 737-7 & 737-8. I have a few people in mind for HRs. For now general applications are open. Just tell me in this thread & I will PM you with the application forum. The opening event will be this weekend. Will be announced tomorrow.

Updates will be added to this thread soon.

Do you have a website?

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No, I don’t know how to make one.

Have you checked the Virtual Database topic?

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Is that your VA?

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That’s weird, I never saw a Southwest VA thread, so I thought there wasn’t one

That said it has probably ceased to exist because I found no threads about it.

Please make sure next time that you’re not making a duplicate…


I don’t think their active anymore, no recent threads

It is under construction. Mods are constantly cleaning the database for inactivity. Please look at the database next time.


It’s not done yet, it’s still under construction.