Introducing Snoman’s Flyout Series! A new way to experience events

Hey @snoman can you add KBUF as a flyout?

Unfortunately December only has 4 weekends so I’m limited to 4 NY area flyouts :(

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I’ll be happy to take KBUF if needed. I’m completely free for event times.

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Sure, me and you can partner up for this event @Ecoops123

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Nashville event is up!


Two in one day! CLT is up!



I can’t edit the original post anymore, but I’m adding Providence (PVD) to New England Area in October

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Atlanta event is up!

Raleigh/Durham event is up! It is a one-off event at 1600Z due to scheduling conflicts

San Diego is posted!

Newest event is up!

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I’ve said this before but poor Burbank (BUR) :(

But I can’t wait to see San Jose (SJC) in July! :D

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I will have a separate event this summer in Burbank to make up for it!

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SNA event is up!

The Ontario event has been posted!

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Massive LAX event is up!

Important Update:

Hello everyone! Yesterday I made the difficult decision that I will be cancelling the rest of Snoman’s Flyout Series. All events that have already been posted will still happen, however there will be no new ones.

Why am I doing this?
I’m doing this for a few different reasons. First off, I only make quality events when I feel passionately about them, and I was starting to lose interest in this. Second, I was only making events in the US and Canada, which already have a lot of events. Third, I felt like so many events were clogging up the #live:events category. I don’t want to hog all of the prime event time. Finally, I have new projects that I have taken on.

Will we see Snoman events in the future?
Definitely! While they may not be part of SFS, I will still continue to make events. Also, if you were really excited for an airport that was going to be part of SFS, I may still do it. I have around a half-dozen events ready to go that haven’t been posted. I will also try to focus on some other regions of the world too. And I probably won’t be hosting events quite as often, maybe more like one or two per month.

Feel free to reach out to me with any comments, questions, etc!


Aww! I was so excited to see an SJC flyout event! :(

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I will definitely be making an SJC one soon!


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