Introducing Snoman’s Flyout Series! A new way to experience events

DCA event is up!


I can’t edit the topic anymore, but please note that I will be switching the origianl plans of July and August. Originally July was supposed to be NorCal, and August Dallas, however I’m switching the two.

Dulles event!

Forgot to post the Portland one on here:

SeaTac is up!

Vancouver event is up!

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Hey @snoman can you add KBUF as a flyout?

Unfortunately December only has 4 weekends so I’m limited to 4 NY area flyouts :(

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I’ll be happy to take KBUF if needed. I’m completely free for event times.

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Sure, me and you can partner up for this event @Ecoops123

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Nashville event is up!


Two in one day! CLT is up!



I can’t edit the original post anymore, but I’m adding Providence (PVD) to New England Area in October

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Atlanta event is up!

Raleigh/Durham event is up! It is a one-off event at 1600Z due to scheduling conflicts

San Diego is posted!

Newest event is up!

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I’ve said this before but poor Burbank (BUR) :(

But I can’t wait to see San Jose (SJC) in July! :D

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I will have a separate event this summer in Burbank to make up for it!

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SNA event is up!