Introducing Sector Virtual Airline

Yes another VA created by me. So it seemed how my previous VA didn’t seem to work out so surprisingly, I decided to make another one. We are a commercial VA that so far operates in Socal. We are a fictional based VA, and we strive to the skies and most importantly we respect eachother as a VA

Our website:

We are also recruiting for Staff positions

Owner: @TheCuriousPilot



Route Manager:

Fleet Manager:

Flight Instructor:

Chief Pilot:

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I wish you luck in setting up your new VA from all of us at EasyJet VA


You might want to:

  1. Spell ‘manager’ correctly in your post
  2. Re-read the blurb on the home page of your website, it has grammatical errors, is missing words, and does not read professionally
  3. Spell ‘California’ correctly on your route page
  4. Explain what your VA actually does, and why people should join? At the moment you are doing nothing different to what every single person can do in IF, whether they are in a VA or not, that is, fly whatever routes they want in SoCal in whatever aircraft they want.
  5. Your profile says you are the COO of three separate VAs, two of which are now apparently defunct? Have you been a member of an already established VA? Might be a good idea to get exposure first because you seem to be simply creating VA’s for the sake of it (you’ve created 2 today already?)

Again, nothing new here either. Please no

P.S What does “we strive to the skies” even mean? Does this mean that pilots recruited can actually fly the planes in your fleet?! This is so new I’m so impressed

Sorry for being a bit harsh and sarcastic, but I’ve had a long day

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Man, you seem to create a VA every other day. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve been working on a VA for a month! Take your time and make a nice, professional, big VA.


Please put in some work before making a VA. You have created 11 VA topics within the last 24 days, which is a lot. No one will want to join a VA if it looks like another spammy topic.


I am totally agree with you. I had a look at the Website.
1.) We don’t have an Boeing 737-300 in IF
2.) Looks like you done it in 10min.

I am not a big Specialist n creating a Website but I have to agree with @787-fan. Please take some time and create a well planned and organised VA.

Best regards


A VA takes careful planning and work, I don’t think flying in SoCal would exactly be the best since it’s such a common place to be based in. I siggest using less common regions. I’ve been working on my VA for a week now, and I’m still planning on releasing it in late November. Don’t take these comments as bad, they’re just constructive criticism so that you can make your VA better. I wish you the best of luck with this :)



Wishing you alot of luck from Qatar Airways VA! WE should an event sometime!

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Hey @TheCuriousPilot i would like to be CEO.

Yea man, take your time, this forum isn’t going anywhere. Like others have said, numerous spelling/grammatical errors, missing words and in your fleet of planes, the 733 doesn’t exist. Please, take your time and don’t make a new VA when one isn’t successful.
*dont take it personally, it happens a lot but it does fill up the forum with unnecessary posts/topics :)


Well @MJAMES what do I still have to do

By the way for everyone I detailed more of my website on the Home Section and re-corrected my mistakes.

The point is, theres no need to make a new VA every day!


Hi, you guys should stop arguing :)

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Why do you have the Boeing 737-300 listed as aircraft that you operate. Since this aircraft is not available in Infinite Flight, how will your pilots be able to fly it for your VA. Please think before starting a VA!

Wouldn’t need training? Here you can information? Many unneeded capitalizations? Dude, you didn’t fix anything

You say Grade2+ don’t need training…I’m going it take the hesitant push that you’ve never flown in TS1 SoCal so let me just say ever single grade could use training in versions areas.


Well @everyone I changed the fleet it is more detailed, fixed home Section with the writing what else?

You realise by tagging everyone no one receives a Message except @paul


Any any staff positions available?