Introducing Saudia Virtual: Wings Over The Desert


ATC Featured Hub of the Day

At Saudia Virtual, our vision is to create a top-ranking virtual airline that offers a realistic and immersive flying experience with a vibrant community of pilots who share a passion for aviation. To build a community where pilots can come together to experience the thrill of flying with SVA through our exciting events, challenges and lively Discord server.

As our home base, Jeddah is a featured ATC airport on Friday 28 June, we will be hosting a fly in.

We welcome all IFC pilots and VAs to join us on our group flight from Riyadh to Jeddah.

Route: OERK - OEJN
Aircraft: Saudia B77W
Flight Time: 02h15m
Server: Expert Server

Virtual Airline Arrivals

Airline Route Aircraft Arrival
@EgyptAirVirtualGroup OERK - OEJN Saudia Virtual B77W 1630z

This list will be updated as and when new VA’s join.

- Please ensure you follow ATC instructions.
- Saudia Virtual are not responsible for any violations you receive
- Please fly and behave professionally at all times.

Saudia Virtual - Official 2024 Thread

Interested in flying with Saudia VA?


Be at least 13 years old
Be able to communicate in English
Be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
Have a Discord and an Infinite Flight Community account
Not blacklisted by IFVARB


Infinite Flight’s Saudia Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the real world airline, Saudia Airlines.
All Saudia logos are registered trademarks of Saudia.

Account Manager: @ANSG

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Congrats! Maybe I’ll join👀

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That’s fantastic! We’ll love having you at the event!

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Looks like a cool event. :)

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It is! See you at the event!

I’m in : )

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Appreciate it!

Very much Looking forward to this event and having a great time!


Great! Thanks for the participation…

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Nice event and an incredible turnout! It’s so great to see all this engagement.


Fun event.

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