Before anyone gets any ideas, this website is not like @Kilt_McHaggis’s, his had all the airports, mine has only mine.

So yeah, my new website includes all the airports I’ve done. I have listed all my Airports, Priority 1 A380 Airports and Project Airports (i.e. Project Hungary)

My Homepage includes a little introduction to airport editing

My About page, well…it’s about me of course.

My Contact page is for anyone who wants to send feedback, needs help, or has a special airport request. This page also includes links to my Profile on this Wonderful Community, to my Instagram Page and to my YouTube Channel (These are also listed inside the footer of the website)

My Airports page has the links that lead you to all my airports, my Global Priority Airports and my Project Airports.

Not all of my Airports have diagrams just yet, @Kilt_McHaggis and I have been retouching them, so I’ll try to get them updated weekly.
So here’s the link, enjoy! :)

Please be sure to give me feedback below or send me some via the Contact Form

I have not edited the mobile version yet!


How did you get the yellow transparent plane in the parking spots?

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It’s the WED Beta.

Check #announcements on Slack! :)


Well done, Patrick!

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Couldn’t have done it without your help! ;)


Looks good! All the testing was worth it.


Great work! It’s changed a lot since you first released it to us!

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Mobile Version is complete!

Some suggestions, the GIF in the background gets real annoying and repetitive in the background, so I recommend changing it. Also, I suggest specifying if an airport is incomplete before we click the link because it gets annoying when you find out that it’s not ready yet.

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what should I change the background to? A high quality 787 photo?

That would be alright. You can keep the GIF on a certain page just smaller or so.

I’ve only done this for the “All Airports” page (for now), but the ones the don’t have diagrams are red :)

Ones like Osaka, Fukukoa, and Eger aren’t red.

Reload your page :)

Right, that’s better.

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All pages with Airports should have that now :)

I wish I had my laptop so I could edit again.

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@Noroftheair Check my website again (on your computer). Let me know how you like the new Background :)

I like it.

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Diagrams for LHDK, LHZA, EGDM and RJOO are now available!

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