Introducing One World

Now, greetings.

I’m aware that most of you declined my previous offers, but now, I’ve put time and dedication, in creating a fully functional and professional website, to help our pilots and other members of the Infinite Flight Community find what they need.


One World -

As you can see, it looks pretty clean and precise. If you click on a logo it will take you to the VA’s website. This will only work for airlines that have a virtual aspect in Infinite Flight.

What does this mean?

The oneworld® alliance brings together 15 of the world’s leading airline. Together, these airlines operate more than 14,000 daily flights to some 1,000 destinations across the globe.

Oneworld was the first global alliance to introduce interline ticketing between member airlines, which means you enjoy smooth transfers and greater flexibility across the entire network,

Oneworld was launched in 1999 by founding alliance members American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

Oneworld’s individual member airlines also have among the best track records in the various industry award schemes, reflecting the quality of their service offering.

What will this mean for your VA?

Having the one world name and logo to affiliate with your VA will allow your pilots to experience a more realistic experience whilst playing Infinite Flight, this will reflect on new players and improve communications between other airlines. This also creates new, friendlier environments on the forum, and may remove rivalry between other VA’s. The unhealthy rivalry that is. We always need a bit of competition

Thank you

note - this was created in a PM to other CEO’s. Which is why the tenses will be wrong, and you will be looking at it from a owners perspective, but I would like to reveal all infomation to you guys.


@Skylines is Qantas going to join?

I’d have to get our CEO an COO here to decide:

@Breydon_Verryt_Reid @QantasVirtualAirways

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Well, I’ve sent all the relevant information in a PM. I can add you if you would like

I see you have not got Qatar it is my VA so here is the web

Thank you, I didn’t see it in the Virtual Airline Data Base, I’ll add it in the morning

Thank you


Adding it now. Thanks

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@Skylines doesn’t American Airlines VA have a work in progress one world website? @Liam_Boyer @americanairlinesif

What is the point in this? There is only one page on the website

It’s in progress, more is to come, i just wanted people to see our progress

And first impressions of our idea

Not being on behalf of American Virtual but yes.

We are most likely going with Americans version :)

Yeah but I could swear that was “being worked on” for a while now

Well, they should’ve made it known. I asked around if anyone had this idea and it wasn’t mentioned.

Bare in mind our ‘one world website’ was made in about 30minutes. New features are being added every night. It’s been updated since the original version and AA should’ve come forward saying they were working on one

The American Airlines VA Administration has taken over the old OneWorld Website originally operated by Kendall Hart. Not much has been done to it but we feel that layout of the new OneWorld would look better and be more interactive if it mirrored our version.
As both of these OneWorld websites are only concepts of what will be the real OneWorld website in the near future, American Airlines believes that the new OneWorld website and group should run under one simple idea: "OneWorld is a place for Virtual Airlines of Infinite Flight to meet, share, plan events, and become a community. Not to fly routes or charters etc…but to have a community meeting center for all membered airlines. That is our definition and we hope that you agree. If someone is willing to take over the old OneWorld site, we will gladly give you the details.
We also think it would be a good idea to pay for a domain that is simple like some VAs. AmericanIFnet or are good examples of web addresses that are easy to remember and will incline visitors to remember and come back to the website. This is how we feel on the current issue with the OneWorld Alliance. American Airlines VA is a PROUD member of this alliance and will do anything to help its progress.



Ok, let me add you to our PM group chat with all the owners of the VA’s related to One World. There you can see our discussions and ideas without me having to explain. I wanted one world to be more of a community thing not a ‘trading’ thing. So we are on the right lines.

Anyway, in the pm drop a link to your One world website and I’ll see if I can replicate it, if that was what you wanted.


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In fact, you were in the PM, i thought you were. Maybe if you payed attention to your mailbox we wouldn’t have this confusion.

No problem, we can sort this out.

Update All pilots interested in One World, please wait patiently, by the sound of it One World And its website will be redone.
I’m sure a grand release will be coming soon ;)

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing a new and improved website

Whoop whoop heres ill claim a little credit too (just a little)