Introducing Northwest Virtual!

I’m proud to announce Northwest Virtual is coming soon! We are currently being graded by the IFVARB, and Ben gave me permission to post. I’m currently in search of applicants to form an administrative team, so if you’re interested, please visit our website and click on the “Fly for Us” page, and fill out an application! We’re not quite ready to accept Pilots yet, once an administrative team is formed, we’ll update this thread!

As of March 15, 2017, we’re now IFVARB Certified!

Our Website:

What We Offer
I plan to carry on the Northwest name in Infinite Flight by providing realistic routes, an up-to-date fleet, and a new user experience. Northwest were pioneers of aviation back in their day, and was one of the biggest domestic and international carriers back in their prime. We offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for our crew and staff, including our own forum set aside for our crew. An event will be planned each month, relating to current aviation, or Northwest milestones. More information will be coming soon, and social media accounts are in the works.

What We Fly
=Boeing 757-200
=Embraer 175
=Airbus A319

Where We Fly
We fly in and around the following regions:
=Southern California
=San Francisco
=New York

We Need You!
We need members like you! We aren’t currently accepting pilots just yet, but we have administrative opportunities available! Visit our website under the “Fly for Us” tab!
=Social Media Manager
=Vice President
=Event Coordinator

Thanks for taking the time to read about Northwest Virtual. I’m really looking forward to what we will accomplish in the coming months!


Best of luck from BA VA !


Why you don’t operate the A319?
But you are going to operate the A318 even if there isn’t a Northwest A318.

Whoops! Simple mix-up. Thanks for the heads up. It’s fixed.

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Isnt there a 747 200 ? Why is it not in the list `?


They might add it when global comes out.

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As @AVIONICS said, we’re waiting until Global comes out. Too big of an aircraft for the routes we operate currently.


It’s great to see a NWA Virtual Airline.

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Well done @Sam_S! Great looking website and professional looking thread here to start the ball rolling. Wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in the skies!


What about the Boeing 747-200? Anyway, this looks like a good VA!


Very nice and organized website

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Ah, a nice addition to the professional VAs. Very well structured, best of luck!

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Good luck from Air France Virtual!;)

@Mark_Denton will love this va

All the best for this new VA. Congratulations!

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I’ll stay tuned for now until u open pilot positions. Thinking about joining. Looks very good

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Good luck from Lufthansa virtual

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