Introducing New World Alliance

Introducing ‘New World Alliance’ the new alliance specially built for our members.
Flight Rewards
Designed especially for our members ‘Flight Rewards’ is a promotion system where you can earn points and earn promotions.
We believe that ‘Flight Rewards’ will give our pilots an enjoyable experience while flying on Infinite Flight
Members of New World Alliance will have an event together every month, this will provide unity for all of the VA’s of New World Alliance.
Our goal is to give our members a way to grow together as a community, with our many features designed for all of our staff.
Dor more information visit our website:

Joining Our Alliance
If you are interested in joining please contact @madrid3004 or @gjwhite14 and @anon91505560
Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C: Introducing Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C!
Thomas Cook VA: Thomas Cook VA
Emerald Airways: Emerald Airways
Thanks From New World Alliance.


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