Introducing my Brand new Camera!

Hi everyone! Today, I bought a Brand new Camera! I bought a Canon SX60 HS as a replacement to my Nikon Coolpix B500. The biggest difference between the cameras is that The Canon has a Viewfinder, while the Nikon doesn’t. The other amazing feature is that I can mount an external Microphone (pictured), which I bought with it. It’s still a Point and Shoot Camera, and I have yet to play with it as I went to work right after I bought it.

I’ll be playing and exploring my new Camera. I was planning on selling my Nikon, but my brother for some reason told me not to.

Hope to share some photos with my new Camera soon!

Pros of the new Camera:

  • Ability to hook up an external Mic
  • No need for batteries
  • A viewfinder

I hope you like my new Camera! If anyone has the same camera as me, tips are appreciated!


Can’t wait to see the photos from this 🙃

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That’s incredible, Daniel! How much do microphones like that usually cost and what kind is it?


It costed $60, It was seperate but I bought it together with the Camera

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So, what was the total cost for both the camera and microphone?


Camera - $449.99
Microphone- $59.99
Add 1 year warrenty - $49.99
======complete Total======



May I ask why you bought a microphone? Are you taking videos of planes as well and want good audio of it? Or is it there to record stuff outside of aviation?


I have a YouTube channel dedicated to Aviation. My Nikon has some weird audio issue when it zoomed in or out. This is an upgrade to replace my Nikon and yes, so I can have better audio quality for my videos

I have many videos that’s I took on my Nikon, and I’ve had it for less than a year before I got my Canon.


I am sorry, what does your camera have in common with IF ?


This has nothing to do with IF. He’s just showing us his new camera he got. :)


Welcome to the dark side of Canon, we welcome all, despite your questionable beginnings. We hope you’ll have fun with gimped cameras and a general lack of innovation, as well as a constant nagging feeling of “why didn’t I just go get an a7 instead” Enjoy yourself, there’s tea and biscuits if you’re hungry!

oh wait that’s the DSLR side of things, the bridge cameras should be okay

If I may ask, why did you decide on the SX60 HS? I’m not too familiar with the bridge cameras, so I’m not sure of the specs.

It’s always good to have 2 bodies in case something happens to one of them, or you need a backup. You can also use the Nikon for stills, and the Canon for video since it seems to be much better. It’s even easier since you don’t have to keep 2 different piles of EF/F-mount lenses anyways since the cameras already come with them.

As I said, have fun and I hope to see more great vids on your YT :D

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No one has moved this, so did you mean to put this in General?

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Welcome to the club! It’s truly amazing, here’s a photo I took with mine.

If you need help with anything, few free to ask. Check out ‘sa.spotter’ on instagram. It’s actually me, but all my photos on that Instagram are from the camera.


I’ve got a 70D and a VIXIA with an attachable Rode MIC and steady Cam rig that can use for botb, one day will take out to plane spot

I know there is a cheaper 50X one that I was looking at, do you feel like the extra 15x is worth the almost $100 upcharge?

If It helps this is the range I would be looking at...

It is almost 2000% zoom, so if I did the math right that should be about 20x? I did that based on one X being 100… I may be wrong I am not a big camera nerd…

The 50X camera will do the job, it’s the Cannon SX50 which your talking about. It’s the older version so there is a loss of features, the extra 15X does have a added benefit. I would recommend it, if you would like to PM I’ll go more in depth. :)

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