Introducing LDIF Flights and Airline

I will introduce LDIF Flights or (Let’s Discover Infinite Flight)

Who are we?

We will do Flights to discover IF, we will fly to airports that somebody is suspicious about, or lands or territories or islands that nobody went there in IF.

We will post event every 1-2 Weeks.

We will use only propellers and maybe fighters

I will post today in the event section the first event for us, it will be today!

CEO:- @r_jordanian (LDIF001)
COO:- Vacant
pilot manager:- Vacant
Research team:- @R_Jordanian, COO, Pilot Manager, 1 Vacant
Website Manager:- Vacant
Recruiters:- @R_Jordanian, COO, Pilot manager, 1 Vacant

Slack will be soon

We have also VA Section under LDIF airlines, same People, but we need Route Manager and fleet manager

How to be part of us?
Simply PM me!
So what are you waiting for? Join us!
Thank you all.

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Why would people be suspicious about airports?

To know about it.

Like flying to rarely used airports?

yes exactly

Time for LFPG

Lol, i mean like TFFC in Carib

Tons of “rare airports” out there

You may end up coming to WSAG (I’ve never seen anyone fly there before)

WSAT has been used by the devs before I think

Do you need someone to do a website?

Yes please

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@GordenW Also Territoties and Islands which nobody went ther
like what i have done now:-

Sounds like an expedition by air! Let’s go explore some unfound lands! xD

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You want to join?

Nah just a casual remark there ;)

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Bumping this, i really need this to be Active

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