Introducing Jumper @ KONT - 050300ZAUG16

Server: Expert

Region: Southern California

Airport: KONT

Time: 0300Z

NOTAM: just come in a e190 or 787-9. You can fly around the area or fly in formation.

Hopper airways has ordered the e190 and the 787-9 and has kept them in storage until the new subsidiary was created. The e190 will be used in the west coast and the 787-9 will be used for flights to alaska, Asia and the east coast.

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Wish I would come, but I’m in the process of saving up in a new iPad because my current one can’t hold a small server sadly, have fun though!

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Expert server*

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You still can join hopper airways though!

If you guys need someone to do advertising, I could take a few screenshots and edit them, then send them to you

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How about… KONT to MMTJ

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