Introducing InFly Airlines - A new era of VAs! - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ATC!

Ladies & Gentlements, Dear Guests, Dear Passengers, Dear Pilots,

I’m @Flying-Switzerland, and I’m happy to announce you my new Virtual Airlines.

But before that, let’s speak a bit about work.

During this summer, I had an idea, I told myself, why not creating an amazing and friendly VA !

I’ve worked very very hard, about 3 months of work ! Trust me or not, a VA require a lot of work and motivations!

Now, let’s speak about the VA ;-)

This VA is called InFly Airlines, “In” from Infinite Flight, and “Fly” from… fly 😝

#Our advantages :
We fly with all Infinite Flight planes, and with all liveries.

#How We’re structured :
• InFly Airlines International
• InFly Regional
• InFly Executive
• InFly Military
• InFly Events

We have about 5 sub-airlines that’s why everyone can be satisfied with our services, and that’s something really important for us, because that’s important for us that all of our pilots will be happy 😊 with our airline !

Here are some screens about our routes. We add each day about 10 airports to our database.
For the moment we have restrictive routes, but when global will be available, we’ll adapt our database.

That’s all routes available for InFly Regional Only!

#Our pilots center

During a months, we have developed an amazing and friendly pilot portal, a very professional and interesting website ! All our pilots have the privilege to access in this pilot portal. I can assure you that our pilot center is very similar to the real world airlines.

That’s the link of our private pilot access :

PLEASE NOTE, that I’ve decided to restrain the access by a password, this is for two reasons, 1 to avoid an overload of my servers. 2 because it’s not necessary that non pilot have access to our pilot center.

#Pilot center - Screens

That’s a screen of our pilots center, our pilots can easily prepare their flights on our website. All in one system !

Our pilots have a salary too ! Please note that’s a virtual salary and there’s no real money.

But we have an other website here :

This website is a promotion of our airline, to show you who we are and why we are here.

#How to join us ?

That’s easy, join us in 3 steps only !

  1. Visit our website :
  2. Complete our registration form
  3. You’ll receive a private message on the community with the instructions!

That’s all ! Easy isn’t it ?

#How to contact us ?
That’s really easy too !
Visit : and chat with us in live! If we’re offline, you can send us an email directly in this website. You’ll receive an email in the next 24h!

#Our staff members :

For the moment, I’m the only one staff member available, I’m the founder and manager of the VA (=CEO)

Currently we’re hiring 3 position :

  • Pireps manager
  • Flight Schedules manager
  • Commercial & Events manager
  • (Registration manager) to confirm.
    ⚠️ We don’t accept a staff member working with 2 airlines at the same time ⚠️

But we have some requirements, we accept only TL3 Staff members and more, and we need a very mature and professional person and a very active person.
Please PM me for more informations.

#Alliances :

We are open for alliances but for the moment, we keep this subject on standby

#Our goals

Our priority is to create an amazing and friendly community with our pilots.

That’s why all our users have the opportunity to share their ideas and to have gave their opinions.

We are here for you with you, that’s our signature.

We accept all pilots ! We request TL3 ONLY for staff positions and NOT for pilots ;-)
#Join us now !
Have an amazing and fabulous day.


Founder & CEO of InFly Airlines
Contact us via email or


That’s the link of our form ;-)

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Best of luck from British Airways Virtual ! I am sure you will prosper to success …


Thank you 😊 very much British Airways ! We appreciate and we wish a good continuation !

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Good luck! Your VA is looking very professional :)

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Thank you very much ! I’ve worked very hard ;-)

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Very well structured!

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Thanks 🙏! I appreciate @BrunoC !

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Let me give you a tip, pictures always help.
We have 1.1K hits in 1 month. Structure and stand out, thats what people are looking for. Not the usual stuff.
Looks good so far dude

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Thanks for your tip ! That’s really important for us ! I’ll do my best to add some pictures ;-)

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I’ve added two pics ;-)

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Good luck with the VA, looks well structured and put together!

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Thanks ! Yeah that was our ultimate goal ! To make all in one place !


By the way ;-) I receive some PMs asking me if you can fly in solo with us.

The answer is
#Yes !

Fly any routes, any planes, any liveries with us !

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small typo, 3rd step has a number 4 :)

Good luck!


@NEO @Ben_Schenk
I think you might have a winner!


Don’t expect many pilots…

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Thanks ! I’ll change that ;-)

Is TL3 regulars?

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TL3 users are requested for Staff position, but we accept all pilots !