Introducing InfiniteInfo: iOS Flight Tracker

Introducing InfiniteInfo

After over a year of hard work, and countless memorable moments, I’m very excited to introduce the first version of InfiniteInfo!


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InfiniteInfo is a project I’ve been developing which is aimed at iOS/Apple users. This is a flight tracker app made for tracking flights across the Infinite Flight Live servers. One of the other notable functions of the app is the ability to look up statistics on other Infinite Flight users. This is only the first version, meaning there are plans to expand on the current features and bring new features in the future!

I started experimenting with the Live API in March of 2021 to learn about networking. I slowly started getting better with it, eventually to the point where I could display the planes on the map. I then decided to try my luck with a mobile app. This lead to starting work on InfiniteInfo in late 2021. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I started, but have yet to regret my decision to develop a flight tracker. All of the work leads up to this point now, but it doesn’t stop here.

I’ve gone back and forth many times trying to decide what would be best for this initial version. I have many cool ideas for future features, but those will have to wait a while longer. Here are some of the most notable features as of now.

  • Light mode and dark mode support (dark mode for the win!)

  • A 3D map, which i’ve personally fallen in love with

  • An extremely nice map, customized around airports. (Mapbox)

  • User statistics lookup

  • ATC airport information

  • IFATC Notifications (Plus)

  • Focused User (Plus) (more on this later)

  • Map filters (Plus)

  • Airport arrival & departure information (Plus)

  • Unique aircraft icons (Plus)

  • Basic taxiway information

  • Flight plan color coding based on filed procedures

  • Flight track color coding based on altitude

  • Almost forgot to mention… NO ADS!

InfoPlus is a subscription which will be offered in-app. This brings with it more features that are not included in the base app. A monthly subscription plan will be available through the App Store.

InfoPlus Pricing

Monthly: $1.99/month USD

(Pricing may vary based on your App Store region)

  • IFATC Notifications

Get notified whenever an IFATC member opens a station on the Expert Server

  • Focused User

Tell the app which user you would like to be “focused”. This shows their aircraft as a different color from everyone else, to make it distinct.

  • Map filters

Filter through different aircraft on the map based on parameters you define! Currently you can filter by altitude, virtual organization, and focused user. More filters have been planned out for the future, so don’t worry if your favorite is missing!

  • Airport arrival & departure information

Get information on inbound and outbound aircraft for an airport (Active ATC only right now). This will tell you their approximate distance from the airport, their status (landed or ground), and their takeoff time or their ETA.

Unique aircraft icons

Aircraft will be displayed on the map by an icon that is close to what it would look like in the simulator. For example, A 737-700 or A320 will be represented by a narrow body jet on the map.

More exclusive features in upcoming releases.

There have been many people in the community who have helped me to get this app launched and presentable. I would like to give a special thank you to @Cameron, @Teized, the Infinite Flight team, and everyone who helped me test the app. Cameron has answered ALL of the questions I had along the way as well as helped me get through the app release process. On the other hand, Alexandre has helped me with many things design related, ranging from app icons all the way to this thread itself. Last but not least, the Infinite Flight team and the app testers. This whole project would not be possible without Infinite Flight in the first place, so huge thanks to all the staff members for their hard work! Also a huge thanks to the app testers because they provided me with valuable feedback which has helped in the final stages of development.

I’m excited to have finally released this app as it has been my major project for over 1 year now. I plan to continue developing and enhancing the app so don’t worry if you think the app is missing something, it’s probably already planned for a future release (like a dedicated iPad app). I truly hope everyone finds InfiniteInfo to be a useful app and enhancement to your Infinite Flight experience.

Launch note: If any unanticipated issues arise during the launch I will do my best to swiftly address them

Development Process: Behind the Scenes

It’s amazing to look back on where the app started and to look where it is now. It has been a process full of learning, and of-course fun. Just for fun, below are some images of what the app has looked like through the development process. It’s quite amazing to see all the changes between versions.

Image Timeline: September 2021 → January 2022 → June 2022 → July 2022

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Thank you for the opportunity to test this application and help solve some bugs. Great job really!


Huge congratulations on the release of your app, and thank you for allowing me to design the logo! Your app looks absolutely fantastic, and it’s evident that you’ve put in a lot of hard work to make it a reality. I’m honored to have contributed to this project in a small way. Best of luck with your app, and congratulations again on this impressive accomplishment!


Congrats on the release Ethan! :D

  • You just received my download, I am very happy for your achievement, for your work well done! I wish you a lot of success with this new app, it will certainly be one of the largest apps in the community! If you are looking for someone who manages, help you or suggestions for future improvements, I am the right person! I have a vast knowledge in programming and apis, that’s it! Long journey to you. 💜


@Ethan_C You just nailed it. Awesome app!!!


This is amazing! LiveFlight is a little slow for me on the phone, so I’m very much looking forward to trying this out!
The Plus subscription is also reasonably priced so no complaints there.


It is a nice-looking app, good job on that one

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Lovely little app! Subbed for a month to try it out, looking forward to seeing how this develops

Edit: You can filter by VO in the pro version which is a fantastic feature!


Thanks for the support! Please feel free to provide honest feedback! I’d love to hear from the community about their opinions and what they would like changed/better optimized.


Congrats on the release, but please for the love of god use something other than Comic Sans


Happy @schyllberg noises


Ahh this is sick!


Nice app! I just downloaded it!


Just downloaded, Amazing App!

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I especially love the taxiway info! It will come in especially handy if one day IF implements more detailed taxi instructions.

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Two suggestions: Include METAR info in the airport page, and show taxiway info in light mode as well.

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Yes, sorry about that! I’ll push a map update to add the taxiways and such to light mode as well. As for METARs, whenever the expert ATIS is fixed it will automatically start displaying airport ATIS on the info page.


This might be the best new Third Party app for IF. It’s amazing. I subscribed to help y’all out. Amazing job!


Appreciate the support and I’m glad you like the app!

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